Again red flags on using EtherDelta - Move Out to Other Spots.

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I wrote lately about DNS address hacked on ED, the site went back 2 days ago but now there is even more red flags and strange things happening there.

To remind EtherDelta is top Ethereum tokens exchange right now fully decentralized.

After site got back it was said it changed owners and now theres an ICO running on it.
It is possible there is some shady contract running on ED right now - its suggested to move all funds out and change addresses.

Check what you have there and withdrawal if possible:


Hard to say but its better to be safe than sorry. I personally have moved out everything using the tools and methods above. If you didnt make Bittrex account on time then still Binance and KuCoin have registrations open and no IDs needed, loads of tokens on this exchanges together.

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Binance is looking better and better with each day. If even EtherDelta isn't secure against attackers, should we completely abandon the concept of decentralized exchanges?

I also have to say that EtherDelta using the IcoRating logo without permission is super-shady!!

The one thing I don't like from Binance is their lack of communication, followed with the suspension of withdrawals of some altcoins.

I use Bittrex and i'm very satisfied :)

Me to but KuCoin and Binance are simply must haves :) KuCoin generates a nice passive income and when binance coin is used for fees, it ´s free prey much, as long as they go up and keep burning coins! I´ve made money simply holding binance for fees cuz the coin has gone up so much, and kucoin just throws the bonus out daily :)

Can you explain how it free? I went to the site but its says you need a certain amount of tokens to get discounts on trading fees. How many do you need?

I only meant, since i bought BnB, it has increased so much,i could never waste away the gains traiding, and its 50% discounted if you use BnB . You need little to nothing i would say, never even bothered :)

@clausewitz Quite interesting, i have to look on this tomorrow when i have more time :) Having a nice passive income is my wish for 2018 :)

Ye that would be a great :)

Did u land any KuCoin ? 8 dollar now! daaaam :))

No, i didn't had time to look onto it, been really busy and now i'm sad i didn't invest...but i will try to do it this weekend for sure, maybe it will double or triple this year.

10 dollar now :S i ll trade my last neo for Kucoin when or if it pulls back while neo goes up :)

Good luck!

Really cool @clausewitz For me now the only good news is that i'm holding bytecoin and it has gone up :)

That's one of the best platforms.

I'm thinking of going to bittrex. Thank you for the help in making that decision!

You saved my ass @kingscrown . I was thinking to use EtherDelta and I am happy that I know this. Thank you :)

I actually am using gdax but because I want a variety of coins I can invest into I'm thinking of going to bittrex. Thank you for the help in making that decision!

i try 3 4 times to verify my bittrex account but failed what i do i am warried about my bitcoins in Bittrex @kingscrown

Have never used that platform before but thanks for keeping us updated.

mr @kingscrown visit my last post about ethereum hard fork

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Oh thank you for providing this information it is very useful for me and for many people thats why peoples loves you because you share valuable information with us

Nice post
Please vote have me @kingscrown

follow you blog :)

i think best wallet is 1xbet 😂😂😂

good post ! l like it !

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Bittrex is not accepting New accounts registration? Why


What are benefits of resteem

Yeh something is not right here.

Good decision. I will do same
Thanks for the post

sir please give me right direction towards bityrex

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hi @kingscrown happy new year

Good post, good technical and statistical content. Keep it up. I follow and upvote you.

First I would like to wish you a happy new year! second I would like to thank you for sharing your experiences and stories, because they help a lot all new steemians like me, who want to grow and reach your level of quality.

I am still educating myself in everything related to blockchain and its potential for generating digital businesses. Therefore, posts, like yours, @kingscrown, are more than helpful for me. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience on this platform.

Thanks for the head's up! I panicked the other week when they their IP address taken over, and swore I was going to move everything to wallets, but hadn't done it yet. Is there the equivalent of a paper wallet for all the Ethereum based tokens? If not, what do you recommend?
For now, I'm moving it to another exchange.

Openledger for the win!

Yes, it will be even better when they list more alt coins.

If you didnt make Bittrex account on time

Is there something to Bittrex being inaccesible to new users. I recently signed up; but, keep getting some 'strange' error message.


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problem is, a lot of the new coins are only listed on EtherDelta :(

New alt coins are the main reason I use EtherDelta. I guess is time to find some other exchange.

Thanks . I always feel smarter after reading your posts. Please keep sharing your thoughts. interesting post

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I've been worried to use EtherDelta with all negativity I've noticed surrounding it. I opened up an account on Binance and have loved it so far. Wishing I had made a Bittrex in time, but oh well I'll get to make one at some point! Happy New Year and thank you for your efforts to keep us and our crypto safe! :D

Thanks for the heads up. I am a new cryptocurrency steemit blogger and am trying to find good content like yours to follow. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for alerting everyone.

EtherDelta has been a pain to use, I prefer Binance and Bittrex

Great Shi my friend