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RE: Step Back, Elephant in the Room: it's time to talk about the price.

in #ethereum4 years ago

It's all a game of memes. You'd really have to thank Youtubers for hyping up the coin to no end. Maybe the current ICO setup is suboptimal. Which is why i'm excited for Steem's community tokens. Not very directly related, but I wonder how that kind of setup would work out.


I can't wait for more tokens. It totally is a game of memes at this point. Everything is so experimental and so much in its infancy that people are going to be looking back and laughing - even just 5 years in the future.

Like I said elsewhere in these comments; maybe an ICO fabric really is worth 350$ USD. But I am not sure it is - certainly the future vision will be worth more than the current "ICO fabric"

Community tokens will sure be really neat.

What do you think about teams using the Steem blockchain to communicate / work on projects openly?

Humm that is interesting - something like a slack or more like Microsoft's collaboration suites?

Well, not sure. But point is to have everything open and get people involved. I think i'd trust such a team more if they're doing it openly.

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