Why is this small town obsessed with Ethereum? Update: Solved.

in ethereum •  last year

Warning: I curse like a sailor. Hide ya kids, ya wife, and definitely your hardware wallets.

Watch video:

Let's hear some theories, steemians. I can't make sense of this.

Edit: Maybe a VPN service, possibly a VPN service favored by FinTech and/or the Ethereum team uses servers in or around Blaricum. Also, Blaricum is a 45 minute drive from Amsterdam. Maybe it's just a major ISP/IP Geolocation hub for the region.

Or maybe not... < creepy piano music >

Edit #2: OK it was probably this: https://twitter.com/Bitcoinference/status/871888421282873350 shouts to sshell for being a better Google sleuth than I. Case closed? Sometimes in life you just have to jump the gun and go full Alex Jones. In any case,

at least mildly so I hope.

Eternally yours,

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I'm Dutch and live near Blaricum, but didn't read or hear anything about it.

What is interesting though is that Bilderberg meeting was a couple or days ago.

Bilderberg is/was/started out as Dutch -> Rich & powerful people having them connections -> Rich & powerful people in Blaricum -> They talked about Ethereum -> Lots of searching.

Who knows. This would be my best guess.


Yearly Bilderberg meetings were started by a Polish man.

The Dutch were really into Tulips once too.

And yes, rich Dutch bankers - they are the Illuminati!

Bitcoinference Bitcoinference tweeted @ 06 Jun 2017 - 00:36 UTC

Tomorrow Blockchain Masterclass Amsterdam!
"Bitcoin, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Tech, Smart & Wise Contracts!”

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