R.I.P ETH 2017

in ethereum •  2 years ago

Ethereum is dying, or so the media would like you to believe.

What started as a fake death of the creator Vitalik Buterin and was followed by a flash crash on GDAX, now media FUD...

This isn't Ethereums first rodeo!

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My small stack of ethereum last year, stays my small stack of ether :)

I bought high, real high, and now feeling low, as low as eth can go, but i will not fold, and continue to hold..

I agree kb. It's a great time to buy. I believe this to be like a seasonal slump. It will come back and this time I'm gonna enjoy it!

What are u saying?


Did you watch the video?

Wow. Yes. 🤗 I'm a fan. Resteemed and following!!!