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Hey their thanks for the information I learned a lot ..
Again a big thanks for your efforts...

good luck

Wow great post and i will accept your request and keep it up and thanks to you

this blog is very informative for us

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I participated in the session, was great and you answered all my questions. Thanks

I am very curious and excited about the project, and will be signing up for this and following your progress. I was wondering if you can explain why you can't be a US or P.R.C citizen though (not that I am), but I am sure other people who are might want to know...

Have you guys heard about Kryptopy? It's introducing the very revolutionary Proof of Intelligence algorithm. If you wanna get paid while just socialising on this new "facebook" ICO you should really check it out. The CEO is speaking at the Canadian FinTech & AI Awards and NASA is giving the opening speech :O
I have written an easy-to-digest review of it on Steemit

Thank me later when you're rich :))