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Ethereum's market quotes over the past 24 hours have increased by about 2.2%. In terms of capitalization, the cryptocurrency grows together with Bitcoin a few days before major events.


The other three cryptocurrencies from the top five are declining today. We have 7 days to the Byzantine hard fork. Countdown to this event you will find


From technical point of view, the ETH price is moving in the consolidation between 277 USD support and 315.5 USD resistance. The resistance level was the test site for the upward trend line. Defeating it will open us way to around 350 USD. In the meantime, the BTC has returned to its record highs, while ETH has yet to make about 40% from its ATH at 400 USD. Denial of the growth scenario can be caused by a low volume of whole growth impulse. Alternatively then, a 277 USD break out will direct the price to support 233 USD.


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