Ξthereum Devcon3 Summary - Day 4

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Creating the Future of Business

Insight one of the most significant FinTech conferences these times.

Nov 4th, 2017- Cancun, Mexico

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Ξthereum Devcon3 Summary

Day 4

Whisper a decentralized peer-to-peer message protocol that strongly prioritizes privacy and security over performance and system scaling characteristics. Each message in the system is processed by all nodes in the system. Message processing scaling is ~N² / quadratic. It’s possible to set up your own smaller private network for better performance.

Swarm City and IPFS Consortium — decentralized organizations for use in mutual data hosting on IPFS, using Whisper to coordinate what data to share. Large design concern — let users take advantage of blockchain tech but without needing to deal with the headache of blockchain tech — hosted “gas station”

The Data Mechanics of Saving the Planet.
This talk gives a first-hand account of a joint field research project by Terra Genesis International and Streamr. We present a technical report from an Ecuadorean cocoa plantation on how to collect real-time carbon sequestration data from IoT sensors and drone soil sampling, and how to transmit it securely to Ethereum smart contracts via a decentralized peer-to-peer data transport layer.

DAO IPCI is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization operating, sustaining and developing the Integral Platform for Climate Initiatives, smart contracts and blockchain technology-based independent ecosystem designed for carbon market instruments, including carbon compliance units’, carbon-offset credits, other environmental mitigations credits, environmental assets, rights and liabilities registration, accounting and transaction data.

Many temporary laborers throughout the USA suffer under gouging charges for check cashing and money transmission back to their families in Latin America and elsewhere. The current process isn’t just expensive, it wastes valuable time and results in delays for families in need.

In the past few years the humanitarian community has been increasingly adopting Cash-Based Transfers as the means to provide assistance to beneficiaries. With CBT instead of, for example, receiving in-kind food, beneficiaries receive the means to purchase their own food in the form of pre-paid bank cards, mobile money, vouchers, and bank notes.

IDbox is a secured-hardware with biometric devices to prove identity. Biometric signature stored on JavaCard (smart card) with Ethereum public key.

Alice is a transparent donations platform that Ethereum and Smart Contracts to hold donations in escrow until the charity is successful in achieving its intended social impact. Impact verification is performed through independent verifier. Alice uses a hybrid donation model that allows for donation in fiat, using its own 1:1 fiat tokenization.

Colony relies on a broad reputation system to facilitate governance and decision making. The reputation system we are building is far more complex than anything that could be done in a smart contract alone. Instead the system overcomes scalability/gas cost limitations with off-chain computation of the reputation scores which are provable on-chain to the contract.

Kleros is a Smart Contract system for generic arbitration for all kinds of Smart Contracts, so-called “Justice Protocol”. Has its own token for arbitration. Crowdsources the adjudication process through the Dispute, Selection and Enforcement processes.

Building a decentralized sharing economy on top of Ethereum.
Christoph will describe the technical architecture of the universal sharing network (USN) and will discuss some implementation details.

JAAK connects songs, films, and TV shows directly to the artists, producers, writers, and organisations that create, own and distribute them.

How to reward a Full Node ?
How to create a reward-based p2p filesharing platform ?
Full nodes provide many services to a cryptocurrency network: data forward, blockchain storage and retrieval, and some privacy and DoS protection. But as the resources consumed by a blockchain network grows, so is the node cost. Full nodes are usually altruistic, they take resources from their peers and they give back. But there is no immediate benefit to give back. This problem, which can lead to a tragedy of the commons, was early identified in the “Red Balloons” paper.

MakerDAO’s Dai Stablecoin. A “stable coin” is a cryptocurrency which has a fixed exchange rate with respect to some other asset or currency. Dai is asset-backed, so in order to purchase Dai, the buyer needs to lock other assets (starting with Eth). These locked assets are held in reserve as a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP), and are bought & sold to maintain the exchange rate between Dai.

There are massive inefficiencies in the existing power grid infrastructure, including suboptimal coordination between supply and demand (e.g. high demand during low production times, or low demand during high production times), insufficient power storage, and high power loss for long distance power transfer. The talk described the Aurora Energy Network and the Energy Web Foundation — a decentralized graph of energy power producer/consumer nodes with secure hardware devices to track energy transfer between nodes and on-chain payment reconciliation to settle energy balances. The goal is to improve efficiency (optimizing coordination between supply & demand) and resilience (through decentralization of energy productions) in energy markets.

In the traditional web ecosystem, there are massive violations in privacy, which is a human rights issue. Robertas presents Mysterium as a solution to help protect people from 3rd parties who may be listening to their communications and violating their privacy. Mysterium is a decentralized network of VPN nodes. S

AKASHA is a decentralized social data storage and publication framework, as an experiment to promote freedom of expression and the recording of collective memory in groups of people. It utilizes both Etheruem and IPFS to achieve this.

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its really very helpfull sir @joshbreslauer

Wish You Best Of luck...
You Are A Good Steemit User..
So fair man @joshbreslauer

Thank you very much
I am glad I found you article
I am interested in the ethereum
I will definitely buy a few and make an exodus wallet too
It seems to be a very good useful coin
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Very helpful. Thanks @joshbreslauer I have to say your post is apsolutely great.Thanks to you and your Science Technology.

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