Ethereum Verified a ZCash Transaction

in ethereum •  last year

The Ethereum Metropolis Testnet implements the zksnark technology, which makes it possible to verify zero-knowledge-proof transactions within the ethereum network.

Here is the first zkSnark transaction:


Here is the code:
zkSNARKs test code in solidity

This is one of the exciting parts about the upcoming ethereum hardfork !


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Learn something new everyday

now we will know, thanks! support you with resteem

While I did not buy that token, I do not know much about it. Do you think its price will rise?


this post is Not about the value of zcash "token"...

zkSnark is a zcash integration of ethereum.
"private transactions" is no product anymore, it is a feature.
the zero-knowledge-proof technology within the blockchain space is not a zcash exclusive anymore.

So, the value of zcash has no real world support... !
this value results as an appreciation of this technology as there is huge demand for zero-knowledge transactions and it is useful to reward zcashs developers.