How to easy split ETH and ETC using bitfinex - test it first

in ethereum •  2 years ago


For all the people who still wonder whether they have ETC(Ethereum Classic) and how to use them I think Bitfinex sorted out the problem. When you deposit ETH(Ethereum) or ETC to Bitfinex the addresses are the same (at least in my case - CHECK IF IT IS THE SAME FOR YOU!!!!!) so when you deposit ETH there (this same transaction might move ETC too - becasue you might have them on the same address) Bitfinex should credit ETH and ETC for you. It looks like spilitting ETH and ETC for you with no problems on your side.
REMEMBER - test it with small amount first.

This is the easiest way to trade them if you want so This is not an investment advice, think for yourself!!!!
The faster chains really split more(so ETH and ETC will be divided into separate addresses) the sooner we will see real ETC value with no ETH transactions on ETC chain (wonder what other transactions would take place there then - imo not too many in comparison to ETH).


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Thanks for the information. I used polo, but it seems the ETH i had post fork were already split so i didnt receive a split. i will send all ETH to biitrex and see if any of my ETH left are still eligible for ETC split.


I think you need to send exact amount or less of ETC you have, otherwise such transaction will fail on ETC chain. You can check your ETC balance here: