Ethereum and Ethereum Classic price ticker - Google Chrome Browser Extension

in ethereum •  2 years ago

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are very HOT cryptocurrencies at the moment.
This is my little Google Chrome extension which displays price of both along with sum of them. Some people threat both as a one Ethereum Universe so I think this shows how this universe performs in terms of price. There is also more detailed summary when you hover with your mouse cursor on it as presented on a screenshot below.
Chrome Web Store link:
GitHub Source Code linke:

This extension shows Ethereum(ETH - blue) and Ethereum Classic(ETC - green) values priced in cryptocurrencies and USD along with the summary(red) of them.

Values are being refreshed every 4 minutes.
You can refresh them manually by clicking extension icon.
No special chrome permissions are needed to install this extension.

P.S. It is very hard to display some useful information on 19px/19px image, but I think I found some kind of solution here (The icon is being drawn based on data from If someone has an idea how to display such details in another way, would be great to see your solution.

Feel free to try it and comment. Thank you!

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