ethereum is die or not ???

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after the attack of the DAO, price Ethereum not finished falling, although there is still the largest volume of exchange on market exchanges , he lost the confidence of those who see in him a big potential today Ethereum is no longer the most profitable currency to mine or not a very good profitable investment , is this the end Ethereum or it will emerge stronger ???

What do you think


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This is a typical bearish outlook. AFAIK i do not think this is the end of ethereum and I believe a lot of people think like me. One of the reasons that ethereum did explode on the world scene was due to the clever platform itself and the possibilities it opened for transactions which have been dubbed "smart contracts". Also a lot of big corporations have put in resources to develop new ideas and applications on this platform. The recent events concerning the DAO have caused the valuation of ether to dip, but i personally feel it is due to the investors who panicked as they consider only the monetary value and not the technological aspect of this revolutionary platform. Hold on to your ethers and wait, is what i suggest.