Threats to Ethereum - Programmer explains

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Hi guys!! another video on Ethereum :)


Hey Ivan. Glad you can bring some reason to the video format audience. You have a skill to be able to distill a post like whalepanda's to a level much more accessible to average joes. It is good that your videos are not "sellout" like some of the other 'crypto youtubers'. Thank gosh we have media with smart people behind it.

Welcome to steem. You earned my follow.

Be sure to check out some of my posts below for some more rational thinking and criticism. I have been working in blockchain since the first days of Bitcoin so I hope we can bounce ideas off each other. Be in touch!

most legit crypto explanations on the web.

I don't usually like to watch videos (prefer to read) but I enjoyed your video. Good job, it was easy to follow your point. Upvoted.

Wow great video. Not sure why this not upvoted .. anyway

  1. Ico madness genuine threat but i think technology should still evolve and if people support it shud continue even if the price crash short term
  2. Pow to pos . I think they will pull it off its a team not buterin alone
    3 bugs due go developer inexp can overcome over time
  3. Public vs private chain this is a big one and could impact the value .. since industry could move to new and better alternative
  4. Dependency on vitalik .. i hope there is a developer community who can take this forward and very hopefull it can happen

Another excellent video. Thank you sir.

Great content as always Ivan - started following you on Youtube channel a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for explaining the 'ins and outs' of the crypto world in a way that is easy for a newbie like me to follow.

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Love your content! Keep up the work Ivan! Greetings from Austria :)

You make some good points...I think linking ETH with ICOs is an important issue that is not talked about enough.
Thanks for your analysis.

I think you make a good point.
Maybe this is why ETH will not be the coin goint to 1 million$
The way you make it sound, it seems ETH will be the coin of the companies and not the coin of commerce.
I honestly can see that...
Now, I'm sure there will be a way to look at it from a speculators point of view, where you can see warnings of massive dumps, followed by huge accumulation of cheaper coins.

Maybe it will make the market just more volatile, but I don't think it would make it crash

Then, forking is always scary...
I think this is something we will need to just keep a close eye on and see how it develops... as of now it's mainly trying to imagine how things could be handled...

Thank you for your videos and information,
As always, it's a pleasure to follow you


yeah!!!! i adore you ivan you are great i am so happy that you have steem account!

Hey hardfork 19 was pretty nice to this post

Thanks for your work Ivan! Learned bunches from you keep steemin!

Nice and refreshing to listen to someone who doesn't explain Etereum in worshipping kind-a-way. Maybe you 'll find the time and care to read my post
... and get inspired to make another of your videos I like to listen to.
And, would you care to make a video comparison about Golem and SONM?

HI Ivan, I follow your youtubes/subscriber tracy h), I hope you do well here. I'm glad it's still legal to question Eth!

Hi man, thank you very much for the support :)