Ethereum Ice Age - Possible chain split with PoS - Programmer explains

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What is the Ethereum Ice Age and why was it created? Enjoy guys! :)


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Thanks Ivan! Your videos are great for helping me to get my head around what's going on. I'm sure you're helping many other non technical people too!

thanks man! glad you enjoyed it :)

A man who can explain something technical to the lay person truly understands what he is talking about. Hands down the best technical explanations on the web that are not from the devs themselves. Keep up the great work Ivan and we will keep supporting you!

Thanks Ivan, i guess its time i finally get around to learning about proof of stake

Time to sell ETH then like now?

hm no idea really :) no one knows

So now you think ETC will be deemed worthless? and i see on that ETH has gone back over $300 so not a bad time to exchange for a lesser coin but...should we hold? will ETH hit $400 this time?

Not if proof if stake sucess.. could add value

All those ICOs build on Ethereum would very likely support PoS because they have tons of Ether in their hand to stake....

Very interesting view!

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Thanks, Ivan! Great video! Do you think PoS is the future of the cryptocurrencies? I saw an article that the airplane industry can use blockchain... Will they be able to use a blockchain that has a PoS system?

I don't think there'll be another split, because a PoW Ethereum already exists in Ethereum Classic.
ETH will be PoS and ETC PoW. there's no point in 2 PoW chains.
btw your channel is great, one of the top sources for crypto info.

Good Argument.

All the people who were so enthusiastic that the rx-470 ethereum mining card came out are now pissed.

Hi Ivan, thanks for this video, I have been wondering about the term ice age for a while now ;)
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Where can we find more information about ETH? Just some directions, sites, steemit profiles or whatever.
Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for providing some clarification.

Thankyou for your excellent informative videos!
What I need is to find out what are the likely effects of your stated possibilities on ETH held in cold storage as an investment????

I like how u explain everything throughly. Awesome job and keep up the great work!

Thank you Ivan!
I always enjoy your Videos! Complex stuff - well explained!

Great post again ivanli, always really enjoy the depth of information in your videos !!

Soon ETH transaction difficulty will reach 1000 THs

In next 5 years we can see more eth versions. Vitalik dosen't care and just hard fork. Its going to be 2nd hard fork in 2 years, so we have 1 hard fork per year on average. So 8 etherums in next 5 year? ^^

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