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EOSUSD price forecast. Analysis of the trend and the growth potential; identification of key levels.
In this post I applied the following tools: fundamental analysis, all-round market view, oscillators, key levels, graphic analysis, trendline analysis, Renko chart, Kagi chart, Line Breakout chart, Tic-Tac-Toe chart.
Dear friends,

I haven’t written anything about EOSUSD for more than a month. It is time to update EOS trading scenario and revise the targets for trading EOSUSD. Well, I’m going to make a forecast for the EOS price, based on EOSUSD analysis. First of all, I need to look ta the history of the EOSUSD recent price movements.

The history of the EOSUSD recent price movements

In the forecast, dated August 9, I suggested it might break through its key level at 5.10 USD and go down, below the level. The trading scenario for EOS cryptocurrency has worked out partially.

As you see from EOSUSD chart above, the target has been almost reached; it almost reached the final level at 3.83. Next, the EOS price rebounded, the buyers appeared in eh market.

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