Ethereum classic -a thing of the past.

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What a wyrd day it´s been in cryptoland again today.

A small movement of enthusiasts are mining ether on the old block chain.
the very same that was mostly abandoned after the hard fork that returned ether to those who had invested in the Dao -start up. The Dao was supposed be a new kind of a decentralized company residing in the murky waters of block chain build on top of the Ethereum network. However someone understood the code of Dao better than it´s developers and managed to syphon 3.6 million ethers from The Dao. The community rectified the heist of those ethers by hard forking and thus banishing the thiefing scoundrel back to his lair of opportunistic selfishness. People were paid back and even though it seems that many of those who were invested in the Dao weren´t interested in contributing in it but instead were looking to make a score of immense fortunes, still deserved a refund.

Well, come today 24 of july and the old block chain is resurrected from the ashes of the Dao. Ethereum classic is listed for trading in Poloniex. For what prompted this abomination is yet to be fathomed but surely it grows from swampy lands of creed. With little to none support from developers or community but a small group of idealists and probably Ethereum haters continue their doomed descent.

Soon, the worthlessness of Ethereum classic will become obvious to all as the value spirals down to where it came from. Miners will surely abandon it. Maybe it all was just a ploy to buy some good Ether for cheap, whispers a raven in the wind. Anyway the story of Ethereum classic is at its end even before it really took off. Broken wings it had. Maybe a small remainder of it will snail on at a form or another, sliming along corners, shaded, uncared for.

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very poetic and probably true :-)

You don't know that

Does it even have a dev team?