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Changes to the Decent.Bet ICO.

We would like to announce an important update. We have decided it is in both the best interest of the community and the platform to change from an open crowdsale to a more distributed crowdsale on September 23, 2017.

There are several concerns with the typical open crowdsale/ICO process. If you have ever participated in one and were unable to submit your funds, you will most certainly understand. Some examples;risk that the Ethereum blockchain gets overloaded and sending of ETH is delayed or not processed at all, potential for the majority of coins to end up in the hands of whales, and increased risk of scam attacks.

Our DBET tokens are key to the platform as they are the primary utility that the system runs on. Clearly, the DBET is the utility token that gamblers need to place bets on the platform.Very soon we will be deploying a whitelist registration page on our website where you will have the opportunity to provide your Ethereum address to our smart contract. Simply put, this means your private Ethereum wallet will be on the clipboard that the bouncer has at the door of the club! By doing this, our contract knows you are approved to send in your ETH and will return your DBET tokens to your ETH wallet.

Building a strong and involved community of token holders has been our goal from the start. You all stepped up and made that a reality. Simply put, we do not want you to have a negative experience if there is any way we could prevent it. The whitelist process proved to be a great way to achieve this goal.

5 Round Token Sale.

1. Round-1 is a 24-hour period starting at approximately 8:00 UTCSeptember 23, 2017. The cap per whitelisted address is $10,000 US dollars. The price of ETH will be set for the crowdsale 3 hours prior to the start of the sale and will be posted on our website. PRICE PER DBET $0.10.

2. Round-2 i s a 24-hour period starting immediately following the close of Tier 1. This tier will also run for a 24-hourperiod and the cap per whitelisted address will double to $20,000 per address. PRICE PER DBET $0.10.

3. Round-3 is a 5-day period starting immediately following the close of Tier 2. During this time, there is no cap and does not require a whitelisted address. PRICE PER DBET $0.1125.

4. Round-4 is a 7-day period that is un-capped and does not require a whitelisted address to purchase. PRICE PER DBET $0.11875.

5. Round-5 is a 14-day period that is un-capped and does not require a whitelisted address to purchase. PRICE PER DBET $0.125.

There is not a participant cap per Tier, therefore we cannot guarantee that we will not sell out prior to the next Tier beginning. Again, our goal is to see the DBET’s get into many hands, not to simply have many tiers of funding.

Funding Will be Accepted in the Form of Ethereum Only.

This change has been made for a few reasons; Dash Insta-Send is being shut off during our crowdsale as they are implementing version 12.2. Now that we are have a white list system in place, ETH contributions will officially process faster than both BTC and LTC as they both need to be converted to ETH once we receive them which adds an unnecessary step.

Additional Information.

•Our smart contract is currently being audited by a firm that specializes in contract audits. To further increase security, the start of each round will be announced simultaneously in official email and on our website.

•We will publish the full address of our ETH contract only on the Token Sale page of our website. A 6-12 character portion of our ETH address will be published on our Twitter page, live on Facebook, and a video of Jedidiah announcing these 8 characters will be published to YouTube approximately 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the crowdfund. As an additional security measure, please make sure that the ETH address on our website includes the series of characters we post to Facebook, YouTube,and Twitter.

•Round 1 and 2 are only accessible for approved participants -we add their Ethereum addresses to our smart contract and only they can buy tokens.This is called White Listing.

•Round 4 and 5 are available to any participant interested.

There are no changes to the token amounts.

The ICO token sale remains at 250,000,000 DBET tokens. We hope that by conducting our Token Sale in the form of a white list sale we will be able to make it safe, convenient and more fair. We also believe that the white list approach helps us to continue to create a community which is oriented on long-term trust. Let’s continue to build something amazing together! “Our House Is Your House”


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Thanks for the information @hilarski, I will definitely analyze my deposits and join!


i agree ,this post also important because that information are helpful for us

Really cool that i can access to my tokens from my eth wallet, again this ico looks good looks smart too


I hope you can participate. These guys are top notch.


Surely friend :). Thanks

I wish you the best of luck and your project guys, and that in the not-too-distant future, other markets will grow.

"you will have the opportunity to provide your Ethereum address to our smart contract"
Wow that would be an interesting news! I will be there! Thanks for the update!


Thanks for good will that Ourhouse is Your house .Thanks for the great job, Wish you good luck.

Thank´s for sharing

It's good when the purse is available and the tokens are visible. It's nicer than ico with invisible tokens :)

Thank you for the information.

@hilarski - Sir little bit confused here 'Round 4 and 5 are available to any participant interested.' means we can access round no 4 & 5?
Love your work Sir. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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Yes, anyone and no limits but we might not make it that far if we sell out before.


@hilarski - Sir, thank you for the info. Love it & will be there <3

Great info. Thanks. Very intriguing.

Thanks for the information. Hopefully that's the best decision to take.

Thanks for information. it is great update.
thanks @hilarski
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Is this a gambling sort of token?

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i'm a decent better. i'm ready & my investment is ready too ;) useful news @hilarski

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Thank you for sharing this information @hilarski ...Bless

very good information,nice post

Thanks for updating once again thanks a ton once again

nice information @hilarski sir, i should try it soon, thanks for sharing

Information thaks! hilarski
Nice, i like it the your post,

It's look like promising!

Good job hilarski, good luck for this ICO.

great info @hilarski, this ICO looks awesome. thanks for the update.

Thanks for sharing this great information. Very informative post.

nice information.
iam will be there someday.

thanks.. @podanrj

good post

great idea and concept@hilarski, this will help people for participating.

Nice post friend. thanks for sharing

@hilarski This is awesome! Love it.

great job

I also got a mail for it today in the morning. I am very excited about this ICO. Can't really wait til 23rd September.

It's good when the purse is available and the tokens are visible. It's nicer than ico with invisible tokens :)

@hilarski Intriguing put up - many thanks . Have to be terrifying to own this issue..

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Thanks for the informative post @hilarski, I will sharing it with my follovers.

have a blast opening buddy and all the very best will try it once i get to the level of it

Your information is very valuable to is great update to ico news. There is a risk for Ethereum. We all need to be diligent about this .I thank you for informing us.
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