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RE: What You Should Know About MetaMask's Privacy Policy (And All ETH In-Browser Wallets)

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MEW is entirely client-side interface. They don't collect any info at all. Check it out:


🚨IMPORTANT: MyEtherWallet

We feel as though addressing this is of the upmost importance as MyEtherWallet (MEW) is such an important part of the Ethereum (and crypto) ecosystem.

Earlier today, as we previously reported, the MEW Twitter handle was changed to MyCrypto. Then, MEW CoFounder Taylor Monahan posted a - very long - Medium article (see below) explaining the lifecycle of MEW and the evolution to MyCrypto.

But then the @MyEtherWallet Twitter handle was reopened and posted the following:

@myetherwallet Twitter handle was changed without knowledge or permission of MEW's founder. We are investigating the matter, and will update everyone shortly. Stay tuned for further updates.”

Without this tweet, everything else looks very legitimate, the article is digitally signed by Taylor, and she even tweeted an image of herself with MyCrypto stickers. We are confident that this is real information and that MEW has in fact evolved in some way (rebranded) to MyCrypto.

Then we get a tweet from Brayton Williams (@BraytonKey), advisor to MyEtherWallet and EtherScan, showing support for MyCrypto.

Taylor mentions in the article that Kvhnuke, CoFounder of MEW, is still in control of the MEW repository and it will remain operational for the foreseeable future. He’s also, allegedly, still in control of the MEW twitter.

If this transition is in fact legitimate and the MEW Twitter is being operated by a founding member, then the tweet they sent out is one of the most egregious and irresponsible acts we’ve witnessed of late by leaders in the space. The amount of confusion that surrounds this now is not healthy, it even opens the door for scammers to pray on confused users.

For that reason, until there is significant clarity to this situation, we recommend you avoid using MyCrypto or MEW for the time being. You can use a different ERC20 wallet to access your coins if need be, using your private key.

As always, do your own research and be extremely careful when access your wallets. Always double check the URL.

We’ll keep you posted.

You can read the Medium article here:

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