MyEtherWallet vs MyCryptoWallet Explained

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The team behind MyEtherWallet (MEW) has now moved to MyCryptoWallet, a new website created by one of the co-founders of MyEtherWallet, Taylor Monahan.

The reason for this split is unclear and this has only been exacerbated by the lack of transparency leading up to this change.

There is documentation for the dissolution of MyEtherWallet back in late December of 2017, so this isn’t exactly news for the founders of that company.

The users of MyEtherWallet however were pretty much left in the dark until the switch was made apparent on the social media platform Twitter and all of it’s dramatic glory.

Basically Taylor decided to change the name of the MyEtherWallet twitter account to MyCryptoWallet, taking with it all of the followers that she had accrued during the past years maintaining the Twitter account for MyEtherWallet. She then gave the MyEtherWallet twitter handle to Kosala, but this time, without the thousands of followers. Kosala than seized the opportunity to cause some FUD about the newly formed MyCryptoWallet.
To be honest, the FUD worked because of the complete lack of communication from Taylor.

If you’re a user of MyEtherWallet, I believe it is still functional and your funds are still available.

But if you’re wondering which of these sites will continue on, or if they both will, then I highly suggest taking a look at a couple things.

  • First look at GitHub, check the activity for both of these projects (Links down below)
  • Second, check what kind of team is behind each project.
    You might find that MyEtherWallet has gone a bit quiet lately since this switch, and you might also find that the team of MyEtherWallet has also switched to MyCryptoWallet.

I get the feeling that MyCryptoWallet will continue to move forward and make strides toward providing a platform that serves the users of Ethereum. The future of MyEtherWallet will remain to be seen, in my opinion, that one depends Kosala being able to get a team together that competes with MyCryptoWallet.

That being said, I have to say that both parties involved with this drama should have, and certainly could have approached this change in a much more professional manner. Unfortunately the users are the ones who suffered from the resulting drama.

Additional Info/Sources:

MyEtherWallet Website
MyCryptoWallet Website
MyEtherWallet Dissolution Doc
MyEtherWallet GitHub
MyCryptoWallet GitHub
In-Depth YouTube Vid on this Matter

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Are my ETH still safe in MyEtherWallet?



So much random drama

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And people wonder why cryptocurrency isn't ready for the masses to use it...

Once again, like the drama around the EtherDelta hack, the flawed centralized connection of dApps and crypto utilities to the real world via DNS, social media accounts, email etc. is the cause of disruption and FUD for actual users. This kind of thing needs to end, like yesterday.

Anyway thanks for posting about this @heiditravels - even though I'd already heard about it I'm sure many have not. My personal tactic for using MEW was to download the code directly from Github, running it locally in my browser. I guess I will have to be careful about which version I use in the future - or just keep running the code I have which works fine for now.

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Yeah, in fact always pay attention to the links posted by pseudo-experts.


Second that. Didn't even know any of this had happened! Have any of you used Eidoo?

thanks for the update. bye bye mew

Interesting...I didn't want to even consider to change my cryptos from myetherwallet, but now I have to take a good look on this new platform. Thanks!


MEW just generates ETH addresses. You can then import this address to another wallet if you so choose, but this doesn't affect the safety of your coins whatsoever if you've already stored them in a generated wallet and you've safely stored your private keys and password.

If you have your private keys than you don't care if they fight each other...

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@heiditravels Thank you for bringing this MEW news to us. I have a question if you care to give us some input on the subject. My question is about Litecoin and news of an upcoming fork for Litecoin Cash. Do you think it is an actual event that will occur or some type of SCAM ????


At the moment litecoin cash is asking for private keys, just like with bitcoin litecoin can be forked at any time into alternate blockchains thats all that is happening here but like bitcoin litecoin forks will come with their risks of giving up keys


@bitcoinflood Thank You for your input. I have been going around for the last week listening to different sources that I have respect for and trust and they seem to think that we will receive 10 Litecoin Cash for each Litecoin we have when a Fork occurs.............


yup that's correct it is set for a 10:1 split



Your post is very nice i like it


I must be honest indeed, I envy the achievement of you my friend, how can you succeed in reaching such a way. but I am also proud of you my brother. because, with a great person like you, we are still a beginner, can absorb various knowledge from you.

Till now, I love using myetherwallet as it's so secure and very popular.
I'm not sure if Mycryptowallet will get the same popularity as it's still new.

Other reason for using myetherwallet currenly is getting the callisto airdrop on ETC holders in wallets :)

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Why call it crypto in the name and Not ethereum if they only do ethereum and not other currencies?

Interesting thanks for informing me had no clue whatsover off to do some personal research to ensure what actually happened and come up with my own personal opinions.Still i appreciate you for spreading the word.

Not sure why your linking to a different github page for my ether wallet, as this is the official one as posted on the

Personally I prefer a hardware wallet, but I can see that both projects have been updated fairly recently, so I'm still a bit confused as to what's going on.


I guess the lesson we learned is: do not take advice from pseudo-experts.


The lesson should always be: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.
Which is what @safetony did and I'm glad that he came back to clarify. :)


That's too easy to say. Spreading news comes with responsibility.

The world is full of fakers who just want views for their videos and posts. (views = $$$)


I absolutely understand the responsibility I’m undertaking by choosing to be a source for information about cryptocurrencies. Which is why I always remind my viewers the importance of making it a habit to look into things for themselves in addition to seeking others opinions. If they trust but verify information they are protecting themselves as well.


It would be more honest to admit you're not a cryptocurrencies expert, instead of implying so and adding the disclaimer "do your research".


I've spent every single day the past 2 years taking time to research and speak with experts in this field in order to help others better understand the concepts and best practices in this space. During that time I've gained invaluable information and a passion for spreading what I've learned.
In what way have I led people "astray" please be specific so I can work on this in the future.


I linked to the Github account of the man who is now solely working on MEW. I figured that until he gets a team together his account would be an accurate representation of who is controlling MEW.


sole controller of mew sounds like a James bond villain

nice post

is there any harm to the current user of MEW ????or we also have to move to MCW ???


There is no harm. Keep your private keys private and you are safe.

You manage to do you blog and video material research at a phenomenal rate, no doubt you do much of it in parallel but even so it averages about two presentations per week. Each would take me at least a month to prepare, so how do you manage so much research in such a short space of time? I think that itself would be an interesting presentation.

Many thanks for this and all the other informative productions.

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Here is full video what happend with MEW and MyCrypto and what to expect in future

Thanks for the quick updated, appreciate the information!

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Good luck for you @heiditravels

as long it's still safe using MEW, no point changing to MyCrypto...

Thanks for explanation..

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Thanks for the explanation! Was curious what was going on with this

The reason for this split is unclear and this has only been exacerbated by the lack of transparency leading up to this change.

If there were a bet on "Infighting", I'd take the bet.

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Thanks for the update. Github is telling indeed - Taylor has over 2600 commits this past year, she's a force to be reckoned with!

@heiditravels, thanks so much for sharing this

Mycrypto is totaly zerox copy of myether no new features in it.. Its like hardfork of myetherwallet :D

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Drama, really?! How did I miss this post?

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Almost my tokens are stored in MEW before I decide to transfer them to exchanges for trade. MEW is good for me now.

@heiditravels apparently if you do a search on mycryptowallet the company has been registered for some months now and the Taylor has been thinking about jumping ship for a few months at the very least.


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Crypto will not make people holy. Greedy people are flocking to join in. Welcome to the real world. The love of money is the root of all evil.

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They way it was done was horrible, seems like a bit of underhand tactics


The drama in the crypto sphere! grab some popcorn and sit back folks!


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Nice information and very enlighten.

Thanks for the update, this is definitely a little confusing!

As a newbie to crypto, I also want to say thank you for your easy to follow explainations and concise posts. Crypto is a complicated subject matter, and your ability to cook things down into an easily digestible entree for your followers is a real skill. I first discovered your vlogs while searching for some tips on setting up my ledger nano s, and in a sea of half hour posts, yours got right to the point and made things so simple. I'm a television editor, so I guess I really mean to just say, thanks for the editing! Keep up the good work.

Thanks for explaining things Heidi! Hope it's not too cold where you are (looks like you're managing though :)

Short and sweet.. Thanks for the quick info! 😄

I think both work. The question is, like MyEtherWallet explains to never use your private key in an unsecure way. Keeping that in mind, our funds should be safe.

Thanks for the insight!

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Thanks got it the competition vs my etherwallet?


I have also tried to explain this stuff when ya free visit once if u dnt mind

what other ether wallets you recommend ? thanks

Thanks for the update Heidi, you've filled in some blanks. Yes MyEtherWallet appears not to be going anywhere according to Kosala. Originally saw this tweet about it back on Feb 8th: ... and at first it did appear like a hijacking of the account to switch names without announcing prior. Nice to know the backstory (and our coins are safe!) :)

Take a look at my MyEtherWallet account and my coins are intact and safe there, the truth is that the MyCripto is a copy of it, and a future thanks to inform users when these things happen to be relaxed and that there is no doubt about it.

a good post, I really like what you share. good luck brother. Steady...!!!

Taylor is a thief and drama queen. NO thanks - Never going to be using "MyCrypto" - MEW (MyEtherWallet) is where i will stay!

this is so confusing! MEW works for me

Great thinking power.

My friends myetherwallet is hacked

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hello @heiditravels ,

First off all thanks for sharing this info. I would like to ask a question about this post , is it in any way possible that the cofounder makes misusage from the know how of the MEW to harm the users there wallet or can we sleep on both ears and keep using the MEW in all safety.

Personally I think it's a low thing to do, but when money and ego is in the game the baddest thing can happen.

thanx in advance for answering greetings Benjamin and keep up these posts


MEW and MyCrypto are both designed so that they store ZERO information about those who use it to create wallets or use the platform.

Taylor helped create MEW in order to serve the users of Ethereum. She helped to build that site into a place that is completely focused on education, just check out the "help" section and see all of the past twitter posts she's made.
I don't know why there was a divergence with the website but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that she isn't acting maliciously.


thanx a lot for your detailed answer

Thanks for the update. I currently have a MyEtherWallet, because of the altcoins I own, and this is news to me. I hope that support continues. I will have to start following this more closely. You are correct to say it is very unsettling to me and probably everyone else that uses the MyEtherWallet. Thanks for the information. Kind of important stuff in the crypto world.

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