The Wide-Sweeping Benefits of the Pull-Payment Protocol

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The current payment system is based on push payments; the payer initiating a transaction to send money to a merchant. In theory, the reverse is possible too; a number of benefits are yielded if pull payments can become a reality. PumaPay is a blockchain-powered payment protocol that will utilize pull payments.

A World of Benefits

PumaPay and PumaPay’s pull-payment protocol offer a horde of benefits for not merchants and everyday people, but the society and the crypto community as a whole. This is an extremely ambitious project that is matching horns against the likes of Visa, AMEX, and Mastercard; if the project is successful, here are some of the benefits.


Pull payments natively give the average person a greater security. When pushing a payment, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary deposits.

An extreme example of the problems push payments entail is a bounced cheque. If the account pushing the payment lacks sufficient funds, the cheque bounces and it is seen as you had made an agreement to push a payment that you cannot afford—fraud. The result of that can be litigation. Such a situation cannot occur with pull payments because those entail a request to your account. If you lack the necessary funds, the request is simply denied—no litigation or possible fraud claims.

In today’s busy life, it’s possible to not be able to keep an eye on our funds in a specific all the time. Mistakes can happen, and pull-payments are accepting of mistakes. PumaPay tops the benefits of pull payments by the fact that it supports payments in cryptocurrencies. Given that now millions of people have some holding in cryptocurrencies, PumaPay mediates the growing need for a means to expense the crypto owned by a growing market of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


PumaPay’s pull-payment protocol offers one of the most flexible payment systems ever. It offers the ability to access a huge cryptocurrency market with a variety of payment formats. PumaPay’s pull protocol supports one-time payments, subscriptions, pay-per-use, and variable recurring payments.

Additionally, PumaPay is innately merchant-centric. Card networks rely on many middlemen to process payments; with these middlemen out of the picture, payment processing fees drop staunchly. These lowered costs leave a greater portion of revenue as actualized profit. Moreover, PumaPay makes chargeback penalties a thing of the past. Merchants have to pay fines to the payment world’s oligarchs (card networks) whenever a chargeback occurs. PumaPay nullifies the existence of chargeback penalties and makes chargebacks a simple return transaction for the merchant.


Hundreds of billions of dollars are flowing in cryptocurrency yet these currencies are still not usable in daily life. As PumaPay provides a way to reintroduce this money back into the transactional economy, the buying power of the crypto community reaches its full potential. The result of this may not be felt so deeply in developed nations, but the foreign reserve injection can be extremely valuable to developing countries.

Crypto Market

The crypto market has hit a plateau in terms of market cap growth. A new wave of interest and confidence is needed to bolster a new bull run. PumaPay’s Pull-Payment has the ability to potentially bring cryptocurrencies into daily usage could remove one of the key barriers faced by mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

This market has exhausted its penetration into the early adopter audience; the next step is to push towards everyday people. As PumaPay offers enough value to merchants, it has attracted a great deal of partnerships already. As the number of partnerships grows, the ability to pay with cryptocurrencies could become commonplace. This development could bring about the wave of adoption needed to kick off the greatest bull run.

Wrap-Up: PumaPay is elevating the usage capability of cryptocurrencies as it can funnel them into daily usage. The pull-pay protocol offers enough benefits to merchants that it can usher a mass adoption of PumaPay by merchants. As a result, the crypto market, society, and even individuals stand to great benefit.

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What do you think about pull payments?
Do you feel Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX have too much power?
If PumaPay can take crypto to daily usage, can the market recover?


definitely Amex Visa they have been in the market from ages, so they will have to much of power for another 10years no one can shake them however cryptos have power to change that hope they do so everyone get equal oppurtunity

Well said. It is going to be tough to fight market giants without unique edges. Being able to support crypto transactions is a powerful differentiation.

This is an extraordinary post about Ethereum. You have discussed in details about the payment. That's easy to understand. If PumaPay can take cripto to daily usage, I hope it can recover the market. Thanks for your valuable post.

Yea, my portfolio has taken a serious beating recently. Hoping a project like this can develop some long-term market stability.

Pumapay seem like a great project with their pull architecture. But i will let the market decide it future.

Yea, it's a good project. Looking forward to its good future.

Bueh man excellent post friend, Good luck, success!

Thank you, Nando!

@hatu Excited about pull payment and what PumaPay can do and its blockchain technology. Definitely, VISA, AMEX have too much of power, and we are helpless. We can't do anything about it, and we are helpless to use it.

It is too early to say Pumapay can be used to daily usage. First, the altcoins shouldn't be bound with bitcoin. It is dominates the market, and when it goes down, everything goes down. To get any altcoins, you need to get bitcoin/ETH first, which have very high transaction fee. Why would anyone use crypto and pay the transaction fee, when you can do that for free using the credit cards. There are coins like Smartcash, whose transaction fee is less than a cents. We need those kind of coin to develop and take the market. I wish PumaPay can do it, and can be used for daily usage. I am hopeful for market recovery, but it is getting worse day by day, and keeping me frustrated. I would love to know your opinion on market recovery.
Telegram: @sashank_king

PumaPay's goal is to eventually move on to its own 3rd gen. blockchain to sustain lots transactions at a low cost. The future you speak of where crypto can transact at low cost might not be too far away.

But you are right on the peg problem. I feel your pain with the btc/eth pegs; it has a negative effect on the entire market. Even if projects like PumaPay do good, they end up losing market cap if btc goes down. This is why I am desperately waiting for Binance to launch fiat pairs with every token. The move to Malta is soon and hopefully the fiat pairs roll in asap.

I do think if the cryptocurrencies were used to buy groceries it would recover because almost if not everyone in the world buys groceries,everyone gotta eat therefore the increase of buyers in grocery superstores will lead to the increase of cryptocurriences bought as well and we all know buying is a huge feature in the growth of crypto prices. Also a huge advantages in the fact that it'll be worldwide and no one bam of use.

If cryptocurrencies could be uses for groceries, that'd truly elevate their status to a widely accepted value transfer. That would be great!


Thank you, I'm humbled.

my pleasure

Great work 👍

Thank you :)
A lot of effort went into this.

Yes ! I can understand.
And what's about your 350 sbd contest.
I have joined 5 instagram group.
What's next step ?

Contest question here, please:

Anyways, now you just wait till contest ends.


I see you're definitely bullish on the market.
I feel we need some catalysts like crypto being useful in daily life.

yeah bro i trade when its bullish what about you?

Then it must be hard to trade these days haha

yeah man


If cryptocurrencies bring into daily usage then it could huge help for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.
Can this thing happens ?

Sure it can. We just don't have the payment infrastructure for it at present.

A number of companies are trying to make this a reality. Open Network will soon let you pay for app store purchases with crypto. PumaPay wants to take that a step further and wants to let you pay for everything in crypto. I look forward to seeing both projects become a reality.

Amazing and good job @hatu Nice concept and idea is great. Thanks for this new update.

Thank you, Cheryl.

Cryptocurency is like a rebulation of new age payment system.Millon of young talented people are involved and in touch with crypto currency system. yes it can make a huge recovery and can make huge rebulation for payment system if cryto use for groceries or other daily need house hold product buy or selling. @hatu

Groceries and beyond, soon :)

Thats great news hope eveyone will get benifite who are involed with cryptocurrency

Yes i agree with you there are lot more positives with crypto.

And many more on the way!

@hatu yes i confidently believe the value will increase when used for grocery purchases. This is simply because of the law of demand and supply. When the usability of this currency increases, people will seek it more and that will lead to more valuability.

True, and the scope that the protocol is aiming for will go beyond groceries.

My opinion is this: PumaPay will not only serve to buy items with cryptocurrencies into shops but also to pay for services such as electricity, water, telephony, etc; since it includes Fixed Time Recurring Payment systems. And the ability to return the transactions back gives the security of a robust system. With the combination of StreamDesk (which will facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies to fiat), it will be more viable for businesses that wish to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain opening a new opportunity in the markets to cryptocurrencies. Since it eliminates the supposed mistrust of the world of cryptocurrencies

The capacity of PumaPay protocol for addressing a wide range of options that merchants can implement through prepared or made-to-measure solutions, will also facilitate the market with cryptocurrencies

Obviously the scheme of credit cards like Visa, Mastercard will continue to work for a long time, however, most likely they have to adapt to also handle cryptocurrencies in their transactions in the not too distant future.


Wow, very well said!
The payment cards themselves just provide a payment network; a different company would need to develop PoS systems that can handle crypto.

Sounds like a new good project

for shizzle @hatu

Awesome post man. What do you think of WELL?

Thank you, glad you liked it :)

As for WELL, the idea already has competitors, like OnLive, that are available on the market at -95% of ICO price. If you really believe that WELL has an amazing leadership, then just buy the tokens on the exchange. I can almost guarantee they will be trading below ICO price.

OK. Thank you so much for your advice. I want to invest in one ICO now but I'm not having time to research them all, so can you please give me three good options and then I'll pick one of the three. Thank you bro

There are some good upcoming ICOs. What's your Telegram?
I'll send you a PM as I don't want this article to deviate ;)

Thank you so much. Same as here,

i read your every post your are one of the best author who analyice cryctocurency in best way @hatu

You are too kind!

If fully adopted it will be one of the game changer in the financial world. transacting across the globe is a major challenge. the cost of doing so is staggering at the moment.

Definitely; the result of a change to transactions would have a sweeping impact on the industry.

thankyou again for another brilliant post!

I like the very interesting performance
A very professional and interesting material worth recommending
I am waiting for the next portion of the posters and I will definitely look after it

Glad you liked the piece :)

Your choice of topics are really interesting and awesome love your post bro

Thank you Khirud :)

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