BirdChain Value Analysis (opportunity)

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BirdChain is an IM dApp that extends as a decentralized marketplace for selling SMS. It is a powerful product for both consumers and businesses.

Read on to find out about its value offerings. Click Here for a Detailed Intro to BirdChain

Part 1: VRIO Analysis

VRIO analysis gives a crisp and tight snapshot of the odds of success of a project.

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I’ll be analyzing whether IPSX genuinely adds value to the overall state of cryptos and whether its value-addition is sustainable and maintainable.


BirdChain is creating a self-sustained ecosystem so the value offerings are plenty.

With BirdChain, consumers will have 2 new means of earning some extra income, and companies will be able to gain valuable and access to a secondary market of SMS supply.

The main value addition among its userbase is that BirdChain is connecting an obvious supply surplus with a large demand. This fulfillment of market gaps lowers costs for businesses and removes the market dead-weight loss caused by a lack of channel to match a competitive secondary supply of SMS with the demand of SMS.


Generally, a product qualifies for rarity if it's differentiated offering isn't available in the market. But for blockchain products, I believe rarity also ecompasses on whether or not the product was possible without the blockchain.

BirdChain is built upon many pillars. While the IM service has been readily available for years, BirdChain's ability to offer a secure and transparent transaction infrastructure to bring credibility and trust to the decentralized marketplace it offers would not have been possible without the blockchain.

BirdChain is the first ever marketplace for selling a secondary supply of a mobile service. The idea itself is extremely innovative and it could be applied to many other centralized products. BirdChain has a bright future ahead as it can likely expand its infrastructure to incorporate additional products.


BirdChain is intending to offer a product for the SMS market. Given that there aren't any start-ups targeting this market, BirdChain doesn't have to worry about some deeply-funded, ambitious team nicking its idea.

Moreover, given the complexity of BirdChain's multi-layered product offering, serial imitators in the blockchain field, who can only replicate the basic transparency benefits of the blockchain, cannot imitate a product thay requires a deep-rooted grasp of marketing and IM products.


BirdChain's team isn't just qualified, its the prime strength of the product. They have years and years of experience in the target market, have an established network among people that need the product, and have the foresight to realize the value of partnerships with other blockchain products.

BirdChain's team is truly committed to the product and are well-qualified to deliver BirdChain with all its functionalities.

Part 2: Essential Information

🌐 Website:
💡 Whitepaper:
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💻 Telegram:
⌚️ Token Sale: LIVE NOW
📃 Ticker: BIRD
👂🏻 Token Type: ERC20
💰 Accepts: ETH
👔 County: Estonia

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