A Cryptocurrency for Soccer Fans!

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The cryptocurrency market is in need of a wider adoption.

Last year, the Crypto market saw exponential gains as new adopters poured in from across the globe. Many analysts associated last year's outburst in cryptocurrency prices to the fresh money that came from retail investors. The cryptocurrency market had shown its potential to the world's early adopters.

This year has been starkly different.

While the market cap of most coins has picked up a little this month, the long-term trend for most of this year has been extremely bearish. Nearly every coin is far below its all-time high. The problem is that cryptocurrency adoption has maximized its penetration into the early adopter demographic, and further growth can only occur if this market can attract the rest of the demographics.

Many entrepreneurs who are fervorous supporters of the blockchain have a vision to make cryptocurrency appealing to the mass market, but, till now, most approaches have had dismal results. Now, a new project, Libereum, has a product offering that aims to twine cryptocurrency with the world's most popular pass time.

Libereum is creating a cryptocurrency for the world of soccer.

Twining Crypto and Soccer

Soccer is the world's most popular sport and it is played by billions of people across the world.

While the sport's fans are the ones giving life to the thriving soccer industry, they have little say or stake in the cash flows that rely on the game. In fact, even the soccer clubs that the fans are so passionate about are largely privately-owned entities. Libereum wants to change this by providing a cryptocurrency that empowers the sports fans.

One of the most important functionalities of Libereum will be providing token holders with the opportunity to have a stake in football clubs. Libereum's operations will core on acquiring football clubs. Thus, token holders will have an opportunity to finally have a stake in the clubs they have long-adored. Additionally, as there's a large industry that correlates with each club, the Libereum will be redeemable at the club's stadium(s) and for purchases of club merchandise. While these are Libereum's early utilities, the project's long-term intents are quite ambitious.

As many of the towns near a stadium or club's home ground drive a large source of revenue from the club's fanbase, Libereum intends to on-board the businesses in those towns into its ecosystem, thereby giving this cryptocurrency a greater transactional utility in everyday needs. The project's team intends to acquire clubs on a global scale in order ensure the token has a global purpose.

Libereum has a unique approach to building a wider adoption for cryptocurrency: integrate it into something people love. As soccer is loved by so many people, integrating a cryptocurrency that helps the fans get even closer to their favorite clubs makes the Libereum token an appealing concept. Thus, Libereum could very well be the first cryptocurrency owned by many people. Additionally, as the project is planned to be carried out in a global scale, its impact could be on a global scale.

Wrap-Up: Libereum is going to use funds raised in its ICO to purchase a football club and the minted tokens will be redeemable for all club-related economic activity. The project’s goal is to build a cryptocurrency for the masses.

Libereum Essential Links

🌐 Website: https://www.libereum.io/
💡 Whitepaper: https://www.libereum.io/files/libereum_whitepaper_en.pdf
👨 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4943567.0
💻 Telegram: https://t.me/libereum

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Very interesting, I am a big soccer fan so I will pay attention to this project. Thanks for introducing.


You're welcome :)

For The Ball!


That's the spirit!

Wow this one is great. Am a soccer fan so I cant wait. Sincerely, alot of people will go for this.


Yep, it should be appealing to soccer fans.

@hatu Sir, as there are many soccer fans all over the world , now it's the time that crypto to be adopted by masses , Libereum could be stepping stone in this direction.


Valid point :)

good news for ball fans, with the presence of cryptocurrency, I am very proud of your information

I love criptocurrencies nice theam sir ji& again post sir criptocurrencies nice sir.

I love that criptocurrencies blogs so again bolgs cripto .


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I love cryptocurrencie nice post brother great pictures brother

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A project like this can boost awareness.

Finally, we will be closed a project like ethereum for soccer club and fan.Cryptomarket can wider adoption.

Libereum project is potential project to me.

now that's great news

Really great content, you nicely describe previous and running year cryptocurrency market


Thank you :)

Right thoughts you have @hatu, and set them cool

I love soccer... It's one out many of my favorite games.... In life.
Thanks for the awareness...

Very interesting your publication

nice... a full football coin


This is one of the needed ones