$400 is strong support for Ethereum. Previously was a strong Resistance and it took a few months to break it.

Verge, please!

The impulse for XVG is strictly due to them releasing their "biggest deal in crypto" partnership potential, like the few impulses before, they released the news before the impulse upwards.

Who does Verge potentially have a partnership with? ty

Wow! It is awesome dear @haejin sir.
I heared that recently. Great work overall.

Thanks for sharing you kind post. Stay blessed and be Happy. :)

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EOS will destroy ETH. EOS accumulated so much ether they can crush ETH price to sub 100 USD levels.

In the short term maybe. I'm hoping they crush it in the long term due to having better tech.

..........and here is a very nice video about your statement. Just skip to 5:50 minutes or watch the whole video!

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Tron, verge, thank you.

with mining profitability pretty low, it has to turn soon

Mojim zdaniem spadnie do 409 i odbije się bo do btc powinien saść

the marking graph will take a photo of what is needed in a particular field and can determine the result

eek! how low can we go

묵묵히 걸어 갈 뿐

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