Ethereum Registered $11.80 Billion Dollars in Yesterday’s Trading Volume

in ethereum •  9 months ago

Ethereum registered a spike in volume of around $11.80 billion dollars. How was that possible is the good news. Most of the times, Bitcoin takes the lead. But on July the 28th, This is a very strange situation due to the fact that Bitcoin has a daily trading volume of $3.95 billion dollars. A new virtual currency exchange known as EXX appeared in the market with a big surprise for traders: Ethereum registered a $11.80 billion dollars trading volume. This is the first time since spring 2017 that Ethereum has a higher trading volume than BTC. But why Ethereum and exactly with the USDT pair? These tokens are being created by transactions processed at the exchange.This situation seems to be generated by a new method to make transactions free known as transaction mining. Each transaction made is able to create a token, like the EXX token.Every single time there is a transaction new EXX tokens are created allowing individuals to make free trades or even earn some money. In the future, it may be very profitable to sell the EXX tokens if there is a change in the regulatory environment in the Asian country. Ethereum is currently being traded around $455 dollars and has a market capitalization of $46 billion dollars. The currencies with the highest trading volume, excluding Ethereum are Bitcoin (BTC) with $3.95 bln, Tether (USDT) with $2.47 bln, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with $529 mln, EOS with $513 mln and Litecoin (LTC) with $305 mln. download.jpg download.jpg

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