Bug in Ethereum multi-sig wallets built by parity (Will keep updated, update #3)

in ethereum •  last year


Looks like a user somehow managed to delete the WalletLibrary in the multisig wallet contract and it has left ALL wallets created after the 20th of July unable to withdraw.

It is unclear at this time if a fix is possible without a hard fork.


update 1

Price has dropped only 5% and seems stable.

Public opinion for now seems to be against a hard fork to fix this. But in my opinion a fix will likely be put in the next official hard fork if a fix has not been found before then

update 2

Estimated to be 500K ETH locked up ~ $150,000,000

Great roundup with more details on the technicals of what happened from Shivhari Shankar on medium


update 3

The person that accidently did this signed this message

i'm devops199.. and i'm not malicious

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ehtereum itself was unaffected, this was a wallet build by a 3rd party. But no it is not better looks like the fund are lock until a fix is pushed, maybe in the next hard fork ~6 months