Nolvia Serrano Presents ETHLend in Buenos Aires Blockchain Event

in #ethereum5 years ago

This Monday, November 13, our media correspondent and Latin America Advisor has been invited to event BTC, BLOCKCHAIN, TECNOLOGÍAS in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to present ETHLend and share with the attendees our decentralized lending platform.

Digital House Coding School.png

Speakers from different projects will talk about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Distributed consensus technologies and Smart Contracts. This informative talk “Applications and the local EcoSystem”, has been organized by Digital House, the coding school where new generations of coders and digital professionals are trained to imagine, innovate and create.
Nolvia will presents the idea of creating global lending market by using Ethereum Blockchain and additionally using digital assets such as ERC-20 tokens to secure the lending transactions.
Stay tuned to our telegram channel, we will be sharing more about this during the day.

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