ETHLend LEND Token Sale Starts on Saturday at 12 PM GMT — Important Announcement

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ETHLend LEND token sale starts on 25th of November 2017 at 12 PM GMT. ETHLend team wants to thank all our supporters and contributors. During the pre-sale we have raised 2000 ETH and we are working intensively to deliver milestones from the White Paper.

Token sale goal is 37 600 ETH.

Token sale starts on 25 November 2017 at 12:00 PM GTM.

Token sale ends on 27 December 2017 at 23.59 PM GTM or when the cap is reached.
ETHLend LEND.png
We did sign up partnerships with companies that will add value to ETHLend platform and provide more opportunities to the community and businesses. Since the pre-sale we partnered up with DigixDao, Bloom, NapoleonX, Sharpe Capital and Eidoo — which is the official and only one wallet of the token sale. We have 4 full time developers working on the platform at the moment and recruiting. Tomoaki Sato became advisor at ETHLend and we are working closely on the Japanese market, further development of the platform as well as local crypto communities.

We have received over 8 500 thousand applications for the KYC and new ones are incoming. All contributors must go through the process to be able to participate. The whitelisting process is still going on and we have accepted over 4800 applications, some are still being processed. Tokens will be released after the end of token sale upon special announcement.

For security reasons, you can only participate by using Eidoo Wallet. By using Eidoo you do not need to send Ethereum to a specific address. Instead you can contribute by clicking. See this video on how to contribute:

There are 2 representatives from Eidoo on our Telegram to answer Eidoo related questions. Otherwise, you can ask Eidoo related question in their Telegram: .
On 25 November before the token sale starts, your participation code will be available on your dashboard at . TEST THE LOGIN today/tomorrow morning to make sure you have the access to the dashboard. The login email address is case sensitive, you might try [email protected] instead of [email protected] depending how you registered. Additionally, if that does not work, reset your password and avoid special characters.
Pick the participation code from the dashboard on 25th of November. The code will be uploaded 2 hours before the token sale.
If any issues, contact [email protected]
WARNING! We do not ask you to send Ethereum to any other address! Do not send such Ethereum even if the email comes from [email protected] Emails can be spoofed. Use only Eidoo wallet. If you encounter any suspicious activities, please refer to our Telegram at is the only website we have. Do not trust any other website, avoid phishing from other websites. Use only Eidoo wallet to participate. Do not send Ethereum to addresses. With Eidoo you do not need to send to any address, you participate by clicking in the App.
If you have any issues contact us first on Telegram. We are there 24/7.
Do not trust private messages on Telegram, verify on whether someone of us has sent you a private message. Do not trust anyone! SCAMMERS MIGHT TRY TO DO FAKE ACCOUNTS PRETENDING TO BE PART OF THE ETHLEND.
Do not use or trust Slack or emails from slack channel!
On 25th November there will be lot of contributions, don’t panic (Ethereum network might be under high traffic). If you shop exactly at 12:00 PM GMT, you should make it.
Always double check anything you read on multiple platform (Twitter + Telegram for example)!

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