Today i made $10,000 on Ethereum Classic🔥

in #ethereum4 years ago

Yesterday i was looking for an altcoin to buy in and looking at the top 30 altcoins that i normally buy and sell i couldn't see anything that was moving or was at a price that would be optimum for me to buy.

I was about to give up and call it a day when i took a second look at the price of ethereum classic which was waaay down and this was the best buying price i have had to buy in at in a long time and without hesitation i logged into bittrex and loaded my account with bitcoin ready to buy some ethereum classic.

I bought and set the selling price at a price ethereum classic was selling at a week ago knowingly that it would take 2-3 days to sell but today i woke up and i was shocked to find that it has risen by 30% making me $10,000 profit!

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Wow I am happy for anyone who makes a good call and Positive Attitude and perseverance paid off for you......Take a little of what you made and do something Positive for someone else. It will make you feel really good.