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in ethereum •  9 months ago

How To Get 750 DashClassic(DSC) With Myetherwallet

Step 1
use myetherwallet, send ETH to this contract 0x4E355B98f94c4A6461bcBcf06efB1aD5633b7595
Set GAS : 80000
Set Gwei : 4
Send 0.0005 ETH to contract address (dont send under 0.0005 ETH or transaction fail)
Click Generate Transaction
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Step 2
after click Generate Transaction you need to click again Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.

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Step 3
wait until the transaction is confirmed in blockchain.

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Step 4
Add Custom Token in Myetherwallet
Address : 0x910534D325a9766f6fca73154E259D39f1C9DaE1
Token Symbol : DSC / DSC1 / DSC2
Decimals : 12

Step 5
transaction is confirmed, you will get DashClassic(DSC) in your wallet

1 cVgyhDRCXSIgGk1jnjDi4Q.png

Our official Account :

Bitcointalk : https://goo.gl/xMDkSK
Telegram : https://goo.gl/VnWscg
Channel : https://goo.gl/TDr55c
Twitter : https://goo.gl/FD3qRa
Github : https://goo.gl/u1Edix
Youtube : https://goo.gl/kSr5Go
Website : https://goo.gl/4K7qT2

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Send only 0.0005 eth. This equates to $0.31 USD, 750 DSC send to your MEW.

This is good opportunity


Yes, I did send 0.0005 Eth as they advised with correct gas, gwei...and it has in myetherwallet...have adoubt before but tried and have it..

gracias amigo por la informacion..... pero aqui abiertamente les pido ayuda con una donacion de 0.0005 eth para poder cobrar el airdrop ... agradezco su ayuda gracias.... 0x1116d3D00b9B17e3b34f977CDf7748dD899D3876

I really want it but I do not have eth, is there anyone who can help me : 0x5ac8504423c3a969CEF194ab2369b6e257b93669


Ask God help you...just buy eth from market and send to your wallet...if not, forget it

I never hear about Dash classic, Anyone can help me any information about this project?


Запуск с умным контрактом - твердость Pragma 4.18

I really liked this token DSC will be best token in future

I created everything correctly, the tokens came and are displayed only in https://etherscan.io/ and on the balance of the purse DSC 0 in what prompts tell me?


Token symbol is dsc1

Make sure that you only send 0.0005 eth. This equates to $0.31 USD. I tried to send 0.003 eth ($1.86 USD) and still only got 750 DSC. Glad I did not send more. My feelings would have been hurt. LOL. I did send 0.0005 multiple times (3) and got 750 DSC each time.


Really?? Can you send me some ETH I need to claim too 0x75c30FeA273E19438c34C381c37F3E978D7886bb


Can anybody send me this 0.005 Eth? I have not the necessary balance.


Не понял твоего поста, Ты 3 раза отправил по 0.0005 и что 3 раза пришло 750 DSC ?


look dashclassic.io , so fuking simple, no team,no roadmap, telegram just has bot, no admin. easy 12ETH for them.

is there anybody who will help me? please send 0.002 eth to me on this wallet 0xBe72F6e51C9CDe4947296ad57C5C5C0a3e440B9B

done! i received my token

DashClassic is a good system to steal your money. I participated in the airdrop and I "won" 10 DSC tokens and I also bought 750 DSC tokens.

When I want to withdraw the 10 won DSC, the Telegram bot tells me that I have to buy 750 DSC ...

The Telegram account has not existed since this morning (another came in its place). It is impossible to send a message from the website, yet there is a good form. The 2 email addresses do not respond.

In a word like a hundred, do not be fooled and do not buy this rotten token.

For now, there is 23860 transactions x 0.0005 ETH = 11.93 ETH


This is really scarm ! EZ 12ETH with 0,0005ETH for 1 transfer

Can someone send me 0.0005 eth please that i can send and recieve tokens
0x0864C1f065fF5564F4649A58A516c7f7C20Bc369 Very thanks for help!

Awesome, thanks!


I second the motion!, they deleted their group channel in telegram hmp!