Lufthansa Joins the World of ICO, Partners With Ethereum-based Marketplace WindingTree

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Every once in a while I stumble upon a blockchain-related story which really makes me smile. Not with irony, but with joy and satisfaction. That's exactly the case with this story published by Coindesk, which tells about the implication of Lufthansa, one of the major airline operators in Europe, in a Swiss, blockchain-based fintech, called WindingTree.

WindingTree is a travel marketplace based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will allow, when it will be ready, to book and consume trips from various operators, by using a single token, called Lif. The pre-sale of the token is going to end in just 4 days, if you're interested and if you have some spare ETH, by the way.

What's interesting at this story is not the fact that Lufthansa joined a respectable pools of other travel operators, as you can see in the screenshot above, but the fact that it committed to the ICO too, which means the company will own some Lif. It's not disclosed yet how big is the contribution or how Lufthansa will use the Lif, but the news in itself is a good example of what decentralized, well-thought companies can build together, when they bridge a profitable present (successful airlines) with a promising future (a decentralized, blockchain-based marketplace).

Let's see how this unfolds.

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I've flown Lufthansa a few times and have to admit it seems like they have there stuff together. They are night and day difference when it comes to flight experience to American airlines so it doesn't suprise me they're testing the waters with an ICO. Seems like a good company overall from my very limited exposure.

Sounds more credible than AXA's latest blockchain attempt. I hope it now actually means something.

Thank you for the heads up!

this is really great to know about !!