AKASHA Goes Out Of Alpha, Launches First Beta Version, Code Named "Emergence"

in ethereum •  8 months ago

AKASHA started a year and half ago with a lot of expectations. I've been testing the first alpha versions and published my thoughts about it. I even had the chance to take an exclusive interview to Mihai Alisie, the founder of AKASHA, have a look at it here.

After the first alpha versions not much happened in the AKASHA world, so the project went a bit underground. Until this weekend. When an email came seemingly out of nowhere announced the launch of the beta version of AKASHA, code named "Emergence".

For those of you know knowing what I'm talking about, AKASHA is a serverless social media platform, built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

As you can see, I'm still synchronizing it with the network right now, so I can't tell you much about the current version, but I'll get back to you once this sync is done (and if there's enough stuff worth an update).

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 12.21.47 PM.png

A few important things about AKASHA:

  • there is NO official ICO at the moment, so please discard any information about that (or, even better, report the sources to the official AKASHA team)
  • there is NO official token of the AKASHA network yet (like STEEM)

If you get a chance to play with it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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How very interesting "akasha" would be a competitor to steemit I assume. Any official date of release? Thanks.

Until it gets a web interface this platform remains very niche. I tested it a bit in the alpha phase, but was disappointed by the slowness and buginess.

Having to sync before posting is just a real pain in the neck, and all but the most hardcore believers wont bother with this.


Yeah, i believe thats true. Also gotta pay to post... Im a fan of eth, but these types of projects wont be viable until there are good side chains out there.

That's interesting. I have an AKASHA account, but didn't receive any email from them. Time to open the client, synch to the network and see what's up with the beta. Thanks for sharing this.

Its going to be a big difference in the UI & UX redesign. It may be a great way for us to interact with Ethereum and IPFS. Actually I like dark theme even in steemit. So I turned on the night mode. it relaxes my eyes. Its nice to have dark theme on AKASHA. Another thing I notices that AKASHA smart contracts now live on the Ethereum Rinkeby test network.Now We can see every single post, comment or vote.
Lets see what happens next .
Thanx @dragosroua

Could the ethereum blockchain support the traffic required for a social platform?

I hope this version will be good for us and easy to use . Thank you for sharing this post.

intersting !!!!!!

Great information about akasha.
You have done great to post this special info
I am very happy to follow you.
Have a nice day.
I hope emergence will be launch very soon.

mereu gasesti cate ceva interesant sa ne arati!

Keep us updated on this it sounds interesting.

the beta version of AKASHA, code named "Emergence". hope soon lunched !

Great material and very helpful, mahalo! :)

Sounds pretty nice though ,will be looking forward to hear from you buddy about it !

I had a look at Akasha tested out the beta seems promising .Looking forward to how it develops.Where in you're opinion would Akasha platform be best used?