Scam Warning! Fake MyEtherWallet Phishing Site

in ethereum •  last year

A new phishing site that attempts to replicate the MyEtherWallet site has been discovered. It's link is

STAY AWAY FROM IT! It's a scam (obviously) designed to steal your private keys and your ETH.

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Thank you for the warning! These scams are abundant these days... SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING!

Thanks for the warning bud :D

Make sure you type your addresses carefully and double check your spelling.

It's good to know. Thank you!

Thanks for the heads up!

There is a new domain up !!!


They are targetting OPUS wallets.
Please notice the .CAM !

Upvoted and resteemed!

I can not resteem....
Edit : I did resteem !

I have heard about this phishing site and MyEtherwallet is trying to get the fake site down. I hope no one loses their Ether to these hackers.

thank you