A Ethereum Civil war is happening right now! And why Classic should win.

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As you guys Know by now a huge Ethereum civil war is happening between the hard fork ETH and the original network ETC (Ethereum Classic) I work up to notice the madness and have taking time now to digest it.
Here is why I think that Classic should become the dominant coin.

Notice how I do not say the true Ethereum or something to that effect, I think both these coins will live on for pretty much ever and only 1 will have significant market share.

#1. The Precedent

We are setting an example for the future and if crypto is going to be as big as we think it is going to be this is the most important reason. We do not want people looking to create huge problems they can profit off so they can then go champion a hard fork and get bailout.

This is the biggest problems with banks now they can do whatever they like because they have a get out of jail free card from being to big to fail. having a huge amount of skin in the game or having a huge amount of influence should not net you special treatment. if it does people will just take advantage of this and find ways to make profits at the expense of others.

#2. Immutability

This is one of the most important features of crypto people in power inability to change the chain/history this single hard fork removes so many significant breakthrough of crypto currency over fiat and the current monetary system. A immutable system protects the people it is vital that it stays that way or the powerful can use it to hurt those they dislike.

3. Code is Law

We want a platform that is actually trust worthy unlike our current monetary system.
Not having things changing depending on one person or another interpretation or special interest!

After this hard fork Ethereum is just a slightly better banking system not a new paradigm shift to the worlds financial system.

Vote Ethereum classic the true original vision of Ethereum


ETH Classic must beat ETH Scam!

OK, but who is the dev of the Classic? They won't last in the current form without Vitalik.

Or in the words of Bit_Novosti

"Nothing but a glorified database"

"The blockchain revolution won’t be centralized. Let’s make sure of it."

Hows ETC working out for you? Bwahahaha! Next time invest in something worth investing in.

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