Hidden Land of Freedom

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There are so many boring and ordinary things in our life. Fairy tales remained in childhood. Video games do not bring joy because of its meaninglessness.

Cryptolandy is not a video game, it is the hidden land of the new world, the entrance to which has become available thanks to augmented reality. Nothing like this has ever been in history.

In Cryptolandy intertwined augmented reality with real life. Due to the structure of the economy and management of the Cryptolandy ecosystem, prizes received for achievements in the game become material.

51% of funds collected from micro payments are sent to maintain the stability of CRYPL tokens, which are paid as a prize money, which allow their owners not only to receive 49% of the funds collected by the game, but also to manage the reserve fund of the game by directing it to various necessary needs, such as saving forests and animals, to carry out various projects necessary for the continued survival of mankind.

Thanks to augmented reality, players will be able to plant virtual trees in parks, where possible, to plant real ones after that.

The game of augmented reality is needed to attract people's attention to what is happening with our planet.

The device of the modern world is unfair, the keys of management belong to a small number of people. With the advent of the distributed registry, the blockchain, humanity has the opportunity to distribute the levers of managing the economy among more people, consensus is the main achievement of the blockchain.

Smart contracts for voting and spending will allow the system to organize itself.

Cryptolandy will be the Herald of a new fair world, since tokens, in other words, the keys of world governance, are distributed among people in accordance with their contribution to the ecosystem.

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