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I have always been a huge fan of MIST from the first time I installed it.

What makes MIST special?

  • Decentralized Browser
  • Easy ETH account creation
  • Easy MyEtherwallet and MetaMask account import
  • Ease of use with EtherDelta Decentralized Exchange
  • Ease of use with ENS Domain service.
  • (NEW) Type and use ENS Domains
  • (NEW) Ability to display all token balances

It is a clean UI very easy to use and very secure.

I have many ETH wallets for different reasons but MIST is the one I use most because it can house everything ETH under the same roof.

In the video below I only show an overview of what I use in MIST and only briefly show the new updates. I will release more in depth videos about how to install and use all the features.

If you are a fan of anything related to Ethereum I highly recommend MIST. As a new user to the digital asset space, i have found it very intimidating to use the ETH network and it definitely requires patience and a steep learning curve if you are not long in the crypto sphere. MIST helps ease the pain a little.

Ethereum and everything related can be very overwhelming for beginners to cryptocurrency. They definitely didn't think of ease of use for the masses when they spawned the network. I hope they can make things easier for new users in the future, but I have a feeling EOS will be the platform that gives us what we really need for ease of use mass adoption in the future.

Download Ethereum wallet and MIST browser here


Yes, I agree ease of use is still a big issue for ether adoption. Small steps forward are being made though.
Personally I am currently struggling with the ever increasing space requirements to run a node. 80+GB now.

Yeah unfortunately the Ethereum core wallet isn't lite-weight that's for sure

I almost got into ethereum back when it was around $10. Now I feel that I kind of missed the boat. Until most retailers start excepting ethereum over bitcoin, I will carry on as usual. I love your fight picks Brandon! I've been listening to you on youtube for awhile now. I joined steemit back in June of this year. A few days ago I heard that you were on steemit. This is great bro. Let's all go make some money.