ETC/USDT market added on Poloniex... here we go again!

in ethereum •  2 years ago

You heard it right! That volatility which you love and hate is coming back again. Have fun and be careful when you choose to go to sleep ;)

I don't always trade shit coins, but when I do, I prefer ETC.

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Yup - they added it on Bitfinex today too... I got locked in a short yesterday, during the outage, I was in good profit, then my short on ETH/BTC went against me... service was restored and then I rode it out from from 183 to 205... until now /// 1.46 ETC on Finex at the moment


Oh no I'm sorry that happened to you! Their outages have been frustrating lately I'm sure.
I wish the best on your position and hope there are many #moons in your future ;)

Just got some ETC for around a $1.51 avg. Any serious thoughts on just how high anyone thinks this can go???


No one can tell what will happen right out of the gate. Give it some time and do not be afraid to take profit.

polo adds, goes boom, dumps... repeat speak of?


Right?!?! I'll sleep when I'm dead. In the meantime - I have NO IDEA what the F you guys are talking about. I want to learn but it's overload. Baby steps for me. B-A-B-Y-S-T-E-P-S I'm old...and short...and trying to keep up. LOL