(October 01 2018)Ethereum hover over $200.

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=>>Support 支撑& Resistance (压力)<<=========



=>>Market Forecasts(市场展望)<<===================

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.After a strong plunge at the earlier September , Ethereum price has made a pause for past two weeks.The price hovered near about $230 after a rebound.Despite the momentum look likes weakness,but the price is still uptrend,It's good for help the next move.
The technical analyse shows short term edging higher.
Weak support lies at $220.
Weak resistance locats at $260.
Strong support is given at $130.
Strong resistance remains at $400.

As long-term opinion

. Ethereum will up-tend as long-term,the amplitude may not strong as before but will more steady.There is looklike that the currency could sideways trading between $200 - $1'100 in 2018.

长期来看,以太坊将呈振荡上升态势,波幅预计没以前剧烈,但会更加稳定。2018年可能在$200 - $1'100之间振荡运行。


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