Tezos ICO Analysis - Competitor to Ethereum?

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Hello Steemers! In this video, I share information on Tezos and also provide my personal viewpoint on this ICO. I may not participate in Tezos because of the EOS ICO coming up, however, I do believe Tezos is a solid ICO project worth looking at. Tezos has marketed itself in many ways to be a competitor to Ethereum. I expect this ICO to be the highest valuation yet, beating out the BANCOR ICO which was $153 mil. Enjoy!

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Yeah, it's really interesting that EOS decided to launch their ICO 1 week before Tezos. With ICO's, eventually the free-flowing capital dries up and I think the EOS guys realized that and wanted to get as much as they could before the large Tezos ICO drains excess liquidity.

Really appreciate you walking through your thought process of where the market capitalization should be in relation to it's functionality. I've learned a ton from your videos and really appreciate the time and effort you put into them.

always awesome videos

Great analysis as always. As we have already seen with BTC and others, it is very important how these new decentralized organizations are set up and governed over the course of time. Interesting and exciting to be here now.

Thanks for this video, really helpful!

Tezos or eos ?

I prefer EOS, but Tezos will probably trade on the markets sooner.