Metropolis: Bringing Ethereum To The Masses (Developers Jordi Baylina + Griff Green Explain!)

in ethereum •  last year

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Hey Omar! Thanks for making more great content over the past few days. Your videos have helped increase my crypto stacks which I’m very grateful for. It would be great if you could make a video illustrating your intended strategies depending on how events in the BTC world unfold following August 1st. I know someone did one on the ETHTRADER subreddit which was excellent and thought it would be great to hear your take on it.

Thanks again for all the great content.


Ethereum is very interesting and I'm looking forward to how good it will become in the following years. Will it become bigger than bitcoin ? Who knows... But must likely it will be at least a top 2 cryptocurrency in the future. Thanks for the video :)

Watching the video right now. Really enjoy your content, Omar. Keep up the good work!

Hey Omar,
Thanks for the video! It's awesome to hear whats going on :D

Omar MY GUY :D Back at it with the quality content!

Great video as always @crypt0 Still got a few min to go thou

There are just SO many projects that are centered around ethereum at the moment, it really makes me wonder how many of them will take off, and if we'll actually see a significant rise in price in the future. So many of these projects are years off, especially many ICOs and it makes me think this is just one big bag of hype thats being spread around the world

Lots of great information from 2 very intelligent people. Griff and Jordi make metropolis very easy to understand for everyone. Definitely recommend watching this video to get a better understanding in simpler terms. Well done, guys! And thanks Omar for sharing!


amazing post man.

Thank you.

Was fun to watch as always man!)

Great video @crypt0!

I was recently wondering about one problem:

If Metropolis will indeed allow free contracts, won't it make ETH less valuable actually?

And another one:

Also, since there will be rapid increase in mining difficulty, what if most miners will abandon ETH and move to ETH classic or something else because there won't be incentives for them to keep mining ETH because it's price will fall?

@crypt0, I'd appreciate your take on these issues. Thanks!

These kind of videos helps me to stay calm when the price of ETH is dropping. Thank you for that.

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Thank you very much

It's a great cripto fan also believe in charity activities ,,, definitely be rewarded ,,, cool right.

Thank you Omar for yet another video that goes into technical details on metropolis. Ethereum is about to go even higher in future. Keep steeming.

Great you managed to get actual dev's on the video to explain what they're doing and the benefits/improvements on the way

Omar, great stuff as always!

Thanks for sharing. This will be a big move for ETH

Nice vlog
I Appreciate it
Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency which compete with bitcoin & have possibility to beat bitcoin in future
I Follow your Every post

Hi Crypt0, sorry for the following off topic post.
Yesterday you gave me positive feedback on an article I wrote, which was hidden after STEEMI owner did not like it.
Could you read my new post and maybe help me out with this?
You are a well known and respected user in this community.

Thanks for your time!

Even Wallace agrees with the hard fork! +1

Thank you for my daily crypto currency fix. Great and diverse content as allways.

I watched hours and hours of videos about cryptocurrencies. And I have to say that I love the way you share the latest news allowing us to dig deeper, have a better idea of what's going on and make our own decision.
Thank you for the passion.

@crypt0 Man I just started looking into veritaseum coin after seeing it pop up in the top 20 on coin market cap, then hearing you mention it and showing people how to buy it off etherdelta I'm definitely going be buying some. And the team seems legit too. Thanks for bringing the latest crypto news to us man! Appreciate it. Peace.

I need Griff tshirt!!!

Wow, that's a great video!

This explains about ethereum, so that people especially devs can understand it more. We may also expect more popularity of ETH because of this. :D

Thanks @crypt0 for your always awesome crypto news and videos.

Thanks for sharing that is great news!