More validation: Fred Wilson says he stopped being a "Bitcoin absolutist" a while ago, believes in multiple blockchains and currencies, and supports the Ethereum hard fork.

in ethereum •  2 years ago

Fred Wilson, partner at Union Square Ventures, who recently highlighted the Steem platform on his well-known blog has said that he stopped being a "a Bitcoin absolutist" a while ago.

There was a time when I was a Bitcoin absolutist. That changed a while ago and I now believe that we are going to have multiple blockchains, multiple currencies, and a ton of app tokens, some with their own blockchains, some built on top of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Furthermore, Mr. Wilson says that despite being a "lightning rod issue", hard forking for "adaptability" may be a useful feature in certain blockchains.

I believe the Bitcoin core developers have more or less landed on immutability and Ethereum core developers are very much into adaptability. It may be that it is useful to have two significant, liquid, and highly capitalized public blockchains, one that is immutable (think of gold) and one that is adaptable (think of the dollar).

This opinion is, however, somewhat at odds with Vitalik Buterin's estimation that hard forks in Ethereum will cease to be an option at a certain scale in the future.

Nevertheless, it's great to see technology venture paying close attention to blockchain's low level details, which are at the core of the political and technological consensus of how to build correct decentralized systems based on blockchain technology.

Read the full piece, entitled "Hard Forks".

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Great, probably another plagiarised news article thats gonna be upvoted by whales and make thousands. Well done for original content winning the day on Steemit. Bllleeeuughhh...


(a) Pretty sure we wrote this Steem article ourselves.
(b) GawkerMedia, et al. summarize blog posts and 3P articles all the time.
(c) Content is highly relevant to the Steem and cryptocurrency ecosystem.



I think your post is great you link to the source, put in quotes etc. Thanks for the update I love Fred Wilson. His blog is for anyone else who's interested.

BTW you're getting a 404 on your first link to USV - might want to edit and fix it.


Fixed, thank you!


Who am I to argue - you obviously have a whole bunch of SP if one vote from you is worth $1.76. LOL!