Is etherdelta save again?

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When I started in the cryptocurrency space, I ran into quite quickly and was fascinated.
Fascinated from the power such a decentralized trading platform could have to disrupt a whole industry.
Without any procedure to identify you could just start trading immediately - and everything that was based on the ERC-20 standard.

I played around a little bit, not really convinced with what I was buying, but rather to learn about the technology.
Things turned out to be quite successful, and after a few days I had made 8 ether out of just 0.25. I thought that my strategy might well a good to win some more.

However, one morning I logged into and wandered why my money was gone. 8 Ether just transferred away and the trace was lost at

Until today I have no idea which mistake I had made. Did I use a fake site? Was my email account where I had my private key stored hacked? Was the email to my emailadress read while it was on the way? Did I have a virus on my Mac?

Until today I have no idea what happened - but after it did happen I made sure to store my money in a ledger nano s. Since then I have been fine.

However, I have not been using etherdelta so enthusiastically anymore. There is this slight bad feeling that it might have been somebody on their side who stole my private key.

When I read about the hack nd how much money was lost I felt terribly sad for the people that lost money. I have been fine. However, I still have some money left on the platform and wonder if it is safe enough to even log in quickly in order to get my money out.

What do you think? Any advice?DQ2vMIBV4AAPPwQ.png


Thank you for this article. Unfortunately, I have no clue if it is safe again.

Thank you. I will let you know once I have certainty.

Bounty0x has set up a $100k bounty for information leading to the arrest of the hacker. Read more here-

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