Orchid VPN based on Ethereum Blockchain

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The Orchid network is built on blockchain technology which is peer-to-peer, decentralized and open-source. Without getting too technical, the Orchid infrastructure is made of nodes managed by individuals or groups who wish to participate in their VPN infrastructure. At a very high level, the infrastructure is made of a global pool of bandwidth providers to encrypt and carry your data transmissions globally with the following, but not limited to, benefits;

  • Operates on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain
  • Open Source allows the community to participate and advance the technology
  • User has the choice of which nodes to connect to
  • Each node is run separately, no central data logging
  • Allows for multi-node connections for even more security and privacy
  • No middle-man, payments directly to network providers for savings

The decentralization of data communications is the next evolution in security and privacy.

In my next article, I will provide more details on the growing cellular threat as well as detail a new startup with what I believe will be the most advanced mobile security and privacy solution that exists.

Check out the article here - https://cryptochainhub.com/ethereum/orchid-next-evolution-of-the-vpn/


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