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in ethereum •  2 years ago


What is the mystery behind Bancor ICO, the largest in crypto history, at zero liquididty?
What is a "smart token"?
Why is lead developer @Arachnid giving us a glimpse of a project called "Hypothesis?"
Has the Ethereum Foundation made a Deal With the Devil by basing Bancor in Switzerland?

I would like to hear your feedback.

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As of my analysis it seems to be very like a scam.

Sorry, listed the wrong link, but still a big ?

I believe the timing of this ICO and the little tidbit of code Arachnid gave us as "Hypothesis" is a new repository he is working on for Ethereum's Metropolis release this fall. Perhaps a governing token for the ERC23 implementation when ETH itself becomes just a token?

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I have a friend in Dashnation Slack who started calling Bancor "Tankor" after the ICO, and BNT has been very quiet in the middle of the pack on CMC top 100. But Bancor did launch their smart token protocol just days after the ICO closed and has since emulated the Hypothesis Solidity contract Nick Johnson wrote for them in Python, so I see big things ahead for BNT. This post was more about people throwing money at something they don't understand.