The Straight Talk: Thoughts from my Brain

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My name is Bunga and I am an artist and crypto enthusiast. I am also a solidity developer in training and still learning. Always learning. I don’t profess to be a financial guru or anything like that. But I do understand the importance of human relationships and know the that crypto can be very rewarding to those that have strong minds.


I have been involved with several projects since I started crypto about a year ago. October 2017 about this time is when I started. Projects that I have helped built were the Rewardboard and Proof of Community. Communities that I have built are the POC community on telegram and discord.

The Rewardboard was my first project that I was actively involved with. I did a lot of the write ups on the site mainly and promotions. The game was basically a doubler and well. The site is still up and running to this day but currently players are not so active.

What I learned from this project is that a developers relationship to the community is very important. If the Developer does not support or respond to people and treat them like second rate citizens than a project cannot stand long. Active Developers in a project are very important. If a developer does not connect with the community people leave simple as that.

There are a lot of anonymous developers out there. Why they hide is for several good reasons. But if project is transparent and open people can trust it more easily and feel more secure.

Various projects I helped promote had great ideas but developers were simply not so active. They would build the project hype up the community and than take peoples money and than leave it in the promoters hands. And the community and project would fizzle in a few weeks. Great examples are Halo 3D, Gas Wars, PoWh Clones, the farming games and a lot of projects I found in the discord that had great ideas like Wild West Games and the Rabbit Hole and Revolution. These projects developers disappeared, community leaders became tyrants and well… it put off a lot of people.

I have had a few tell me my POC project is dead and that I’m a scammer. Ive even had death threats. Can you believe that? One thing is that I have always been open and transparent with my community for the most part.

Lets talk about my current project one-eight. One-Eight was created by the developer one-eight and myself. One-Eight smart contract was put together and deployed by one-eight. I put together the website, the servers and put up the money for the domain and everything. One-Eight and I are actually one in the same person. My telegram community knows this already but others are not so sure of it. But do know that we are one in the same person and that I do operate through this persona. But we are the same.

As an active developer I do want people to know of the passion I have for my projects. I want to rally those who have the same beliefs as me. And I know there are some of you out there who may call bullshit on my intentions. But take a look at the projects that I have mentioned above… where are they now? Gone.

You have seen me, you can google me. I have nothing to hide. My projects are up and running and our communities strong. They need people like you who believe in crypto still and who want something that is transparent, a developer who sticks around and really pushes his projects. One who actively talks to the community.

You and I want a project to work and to really push us through. Take a look at one-eight. Join us. And if you are a skeptic, write me reach out to me, lets talk about it.

One-eight and POC and the projects that surround us are only as strong as the community wills it. FUD, negativity and toxic attitudes destroy projects. People working together, being transparent and inspiring one another… this is what its about. This is what POC and One-eight is all about.

Build with us. Grow with us. We cannot make no promises or guarantees but I can tell you one thing that we will work hard and shill hard to grow and make our projects successful to get to the moon and beyond.


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