Onigiri Bank and the Ecosystem to feed the Smart Contract.

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Onigiri Bank is a very demanding smart contract and in order for it to run smoothly the rewards balance needs to be continually replenished. At the moment rewards have come to a stand still because we do not have the revenue streams up and running feeding the system. People have left, people still HODLing unable to withdraw and others wondering to themselves if this is going to really work. Let me share with you how Ongiri Bank will meet this demand.


Onigiri Bank was not created to rely solely on new SafeBox holders alone it was built as a foundation project for games to feed the system. The external ecosystem is a vital part to Onigiri Banks success. Without a strong growing ecosystem it would become very difficult to feed the rewards balance.

In the coming days, weeks, months you will see us a add games and partnerships to feed Onigiri Bank and to stabilize its growth. We look very closely at the affiliate partnerships we establish to make sure they are trustworthy. If some are high risk I will let you know straight up and not sugar coat any of the partnerships that we utilize to grow Onigiri Bank.

The focus is on the vitality of system. We need these partnerships to help us grow. And if some of these partnerships can also help our community members generate more passive income than we embrace those ideologies with passion and caution and due diligence.

I am laser focused on the growth of this platform and am very motivated and determined to see this through. When I shill a partnership it doesn’t mean that I have gone off the rails. Im sharing these partnerships as good ways to help steady the ship and bring more funds to Onigiri Bank. That has always been my underlying focus.

Please keep an open mind. These partnerships are a positive in helping us maintain our growth. We need them as much as they need us. And if ever you have questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me and ask me questions.

I will continue to work hard to grow our platform and look for different ways to back that rewards balance. We don’t have a trading bot or anything like that. It’s a smart contract we simply need to feed it properly so that everyone can benefit.

Please check out Onigiri Bank partners as we prepare our next up coming games. Greed Kills has awesome swag, coinswitch for helping you convert your crypto and now we have Weenzee (high risk passive income).

Know that I will always have Onigiri Banks best interests in mind in all that I do. And if you ever have questions or concerns you know where to find me.

Keep it Lit.


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