One-Eight and The Ethereum Bull

in ethereum •  11 months ago 

The bull has come to take down the bear. Ethereum could be starting a bullish trend. We could see it hit $150 USD in the coming weeks. If so that means it is game on. Im not going to dig into details because I’m not an analyst. But from what information I have gathered it certainly looks like a good time to buy more ETH. And if Ethereum is bullish then that also means it’s a good time for the one-eight project and you.


The game of crypto is always a risk. Think with with your head not with your emotions. One-eight is a high stakes game. Put in only what you are willing to part with. With that said. It is a good time to push and grow this smart contract. As long as we have contributors and keep pushing together we can take this project very far.

Let us take a look at the stats for one-eight currently. At the time of this writing one-eight has 38 unique contributors. 28.246 ETH has been contributed to the smart contract. One-eight has paid out over 8.8 ETH to these contributors. There is currently 19.528 ETH in the contribution fund that is active and paying out contributors at 1.8% a day.

By looking at these numbers you can see that one-eight is actually quite heathy. The site officially launched on November 11th. It is now a little over a month and a week or so young. Plenty of time to grow. And with only 38 contributors we can still reach a broader audience and can grow even more.

No sugar coating here. One-eight is a game. I would recommend that you put in the minimum of .05 ETH to start and experiment with that. Remember that ETH is non-refundable. You will make back your ROI in roughly 56 days. I usually tell people of it as lunch money or an expensive dinner depending on how much you put it. And you will make it back as long as the contribution fund stats active. Those are the risks.

But remember with those risks there are also services and partners in place to mitigate those risks. One eight is backed by Blazen Tokyo. A little online shop with crypto Tees. Might as well get a T-shirt while your at it and support the program. The outside funds from the affiliates can back and secure the contribution fund.

One more great thing to remember about one-eight is that it pays you ETH daily. That ETH you can take out at an anytime. Every day you can have ETH as long as the contribution fund remains active.

And with that you can either think about it or take the risks and reap the rewards. All you need is .05 ETH to start. You know the risks, you know the game, ball is in your court. Just do it.


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