Interacting With Smart Contract Without the Website

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One of the biggest concerns for some contributors is that with all their ETH contributed what happens if the website were to go down?


You can still contribute, withdraw rewards and PAL bonuses and continue earning daily rewards. You can interact with the smart contract on etherscan. This is the beauty of the blockchain and what makes the smart contract truly immutable, endless and secure. You can earn 1.8% daily rewards forever as long as people are re-contributing and new players are introduced daily.

Follow these easy steps to interact with the smart contract. By following these steps you will know that the ETH that you have contributed will continue to pay you as the project grows into the future.

Step 1
Please make sure that you are using Metamask, Trust Wallet or Nifty Wallet. This is very important. If it is not set-up you cannot get in. Make sure you have this set-up and that you are using the account that you have originally contributed from the start.

Step 2
Access the etherscan website. Than copy and paste the contract address into the search window to access the one-eight smart contract. (0x03b7945808Bb97307F31a311f2C9D3fce3d49a1c)


Step 3
Open the “Write Contract Beta” Tab

Step 4
Now click on the “connect with metamask” text.


Step 5
This is a beta version use at your own risk window will pop up. If you agree to the terms tap OK.

Step 6
Write contract turns green. From this point forward you can now interact with the smart contract.


  1. Withdraw - tap or click on withdraw and your Metamask will open and you can enter in the amount of Gwei to spend and you can withdraw your daily rewards.
  2. investETH - if you would like to contribute to the contributors fund simply enter in the amount you’d like to contribute. You can even put in a friends address to give them a PAL bonus.
  3. reinvestProfit - you can use this to re-contribute your daily rewards.
  4. withdrawAffiliateCommission - use this to withdraw your PAL bonus.

This is how you can interact with the one-eight smart contract without the website. No admins, no humans, no devs. Trustless.

This was created so everyone can continue contribute.

Please contribute the minimum .05 ETH to the one-eight smart contract and start earning your daily ETH rewards. The same price as a Hawaiian Lunch plate. Give it a try and as your enjoying your daily rewards please contribute more as you like.

Join us on discord or telegram and connect with other contributors and share PALs to earn even more.


Be One-Eight Contribute today.

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