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This will be a more descriptive how to guide on how to get started with one-eight. In this post we will go over Installing Nifty Wallet, Getting Ether and doing your first Contribution. We will also discuss earning with PAL and our various affiliate partnerships. Ready to dive in? LEts get it.


There is no need to login or make an account when using one-eight, the reason is because you are already connected to the blockchain through Metmask, Nifty Wallet or Trust Wallet. However, you will need to set-up a user name and password to access your funds through these wallets. By being connected to the blockchain in this manner you can interact with the smart contract directly.

Step One
The First step is set up Metamask or Nifty Wallet on your Chrome, Firefox or Brave browser. One-eight will not work with Safari or Internet Explorer. If you are on a mobile device you will need to set up Trust Wallet.

We recommend using Nifty Wallet Extension

If you are using Opera, Brave Browser or Firefox Please use Metamask

For Mobile users choose

You will also need to back up the Key phrase and private keys. Keep that in a safe place and do not lose it so that you can always have access to your funds. If you were to lose your key phrase or your private keys there is no other way to get into the wallet. Remember Back your key phrase and private keys. Preferably offline.

NOTE: Make sure you are connected to the Main Net.

Step Two
After you have set-up your wallet the next step is to get ETH into your wallet. If you own alts already you can use Changelly or Coinswitch to convert it to ETH. If you do not have any ETH you can purchase with a credit using Changelly. Be advised that when purchasing ETH with a credit card through Changelly you will need identification.


Please access the one-eight website to use Changelly or Coinswitch. Once you have opened the website please click on “Get Started” from the menu bar and it will take you straight to the Get started section

Step Three
Your First contribution.


1 - In the field enter the amount of ETH you would like to contribute.
2 - than tap or click on contribute.
3 - you will need to confirm the transaction then wait for 30s or so for the transaction to go through.
4 - lastly your active contribution will appear.
5 - congratulations you have now contributed and have become officially one-eight.

Checking Your Daily Reward

In the second box you can check your daily rewards. Rewards complete a 24hr cycle from the time of your contribution. 1.8% every 24 hours.


You can withdraw your ETH at anytime. When you have accumulated a sum of earnings you can do one of two things.

1 - withdraw will take out all your daily rewards.
2 - re-contribute will add your daily rewards to your active contribution. From the time of your re-contribution the 24hr clock resets from 0 and you start earning new rewards based on your new total.

NOTE: If you plan on adding more to your active contribution always withdraw first. If you add to your active contribution before withdrawing your earned rewards will be lost and remain in the smart contract.

Partnership Affiliate Link PAL
To earn even more with one-eight, invite your friends and family members to come play the game. Never spam promote your link. Invite people who are genuinely interested in crypto. You will earn 2.5% bonus reward from what they contributed.


These are the basics of one-eight. Please remember to only play with ETH that you feel comfortable parting with. This is not an investment platform. There are no promises or guarantees. The contribution fund will continue to pay out daily rewards as long as there are funds available.

To keep the contribution fund growing we encourage all contributors to utilize the services available on the website. Please buy a t-shirt to show your support. You can also shop with your crypto through using BigCoin. You can even play the game Planet Crypto. 50% of earned revenue from all our affiliate partnerships will go back to support the contribution fund.

This is a great platform to grow with. One-eight is only beginning.

Contribute, shop and play the game. Share and grow with us.


Be One-Eight Earn 1.8% Daily Rewards

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