A Bungalogic 2018 Crypto Year in Review - My Projects

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Well this year has been quite interesting and we have had our fair share of ups and downs. Took lumps and bumps and we are made it out ok. Still no Lambo but we are not in Limbo. Going forward into 2019 we need to re-strategize our projects and be realistic and decide what steps we need to take next to grow in the new year.


Without further Ado I will go through each Project One by One.

Proof of Community
We started in May this year. This project is what put us where we are at today. One thing that I am very proud of is that we never exit scammed. Proof of Community has stayed true to its word. We are still standing here. The site is still up. Though the game of POC is not so active, I would say it is in a bearish state. We do have a site make over coming for the new year so stay tuned we will keep pushing. For Now HODL. IF you are not happy with the way POC is at with 10 ETH in its contract, you will need to decide if you will stay and HODL. POC will move forward into 2019 with our without you. I know its tough but if you need to sell out than do so. I will remain with my strong hands and stay committed.

**Magic Mushrooms **
The Game was a DUD need I say more. We have winners and losers. And sometimes things do not always turn out the way we want to. Better to try and fail than to have never tried at all.

Fifty Flip
This was a very expensive game for me to develop. In the end we also lost a lot of funds to this game. I lost big time on this because I paid out of pocket for it. We didn’t have the bank roll to maintain it and at the same time we couldn’t find an investor to kept it a float.

Proof of Community on ETC
This project is also still going strong and is currently bearish. The site will live on through 2019 and we will make the same changes to it as we will with the Main POC site. Please HODL, be strong and stay tuned. At the same time I would not be offended if you took your finds out and went elsewhere. You need to do what you can to survive. But if you can HODL please do. Church and I will do our best to keep this project moving.

DailyETC and DailyETC Exchange
I wrote extensively on this in the past. No need to rehash this. This had a lot of potential but was completely REKT because of FUD. Its a great example of what happens when you have toxic personalities promoting a project. I am still paying for the servers and everything to keep the site up however, this will most likely come down in 2019. There is no sense in beating a dead horse. For DailyETC and its Exchange its over. I cannot maintain the project because there is not enough support behind it.

Through everything One-Eight is the project with a bright future. The project is a month and half old and is growing slow and steady. This is one project that I am happy to be backing and supporting. It is a high risk game but with a payout of 1.8% daily it reduces the risk and becomes manageable. This is a good project to get into. The game does need more volume. As it grows week to week we look forward to finding more contributors to help the project grow. And as word catches on I would like to encourage all to use the services on the site because they do back the contribution fund. One-Eight is straight forward, transparent and is what it is. Slow and steady we grow into 2019.

Arbitrage ARB
This is more of a personal project for myself but I have experienced tremendous growth in the past month since I have been a part of it. Its a project that I continue t watch everyday and feel very good about it. I am close to people that are deeply involved in the project and believe in the team. In times of great challenges the team has really pulled through and has been very transparent about the way they are handling things. This project alone I feel could help not only myself but those who become a part of it.

Don’t believe the people who have nothing but bad things to say about ARB. At the same time do your diligence and study the project on your own. Look at it from outside the box and do not compare it to anything.

ARB works. The aBOT is real and the trading BOT does exist. You can get a good idea of it by using the mBOT which is manual trading.

And there you have it. These are the projects that I am a part of and pushing. We really had some ups and downs. In 2019 tough decisions will have to be made. But this is all for our growth. I am me. I don’t promise you anything Nor can I advise you on your financial crypto growth. You must always search it out in your mind. What works for me may not work for you.

Crypto is a game to be played. Don’t let the game play you. And don’t follow the fast money. Be real, study and research and really study things out.

With that Peace out for 2018 and I will see you in the coming year 2019. I will take a break for the next two weeks. In the mean time please feel free to read through my past posts.

Happy New Year.

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