7 Compelling Reasons to Join Onigiri Bank

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Have you heard about Ongiri Bank? It’s currently number one on dappradar.com under the High Risk category. It’s grown from 0 to over 690 ETH in the past week. Despite its very successful first week people are still wondering if they should jump in or not and if it’s too late already. I’m here to share with you seven compelling reasons why you should join Ongiri Bank.


1 - It’s really not a High-Risk Dapp though it’s thought of as one.

Ongiri Bank is far from being a high risk dapp. The reason why is because the most you can stand to lose in the platform is 16% max of your initial deposit. You cannot lose more than that. It’s impossible. 84% minimum is always guaranteed and you can withdraw that with compounded rewards at anytime with no fees. What other platform can guarantee that?

2 - An original Smart Contract.

Onigiri Bank is not a clone or a copy of anything. It is a fresh new smart contract and it’s based on math. Simple as that.

3 - During the bull you’ll most likely get back the value of what you deposited.

Consider the value of your ETH. When Onigiri Bank first started the value of one ETH was around 168 USD. Now 1 ETH is almost 250 USD. If you got in at this time your ETH would have shot up 125%. Plus you would have earnings on top of that.

4 - Its not a very good place to do a pump and dump.

Pump and dump! You hear this a lot. But in Ongiri Bank that doesn’t apply here. Why? The more you pump the contract the more the rewards balance grows and you can’t just suddenly leave or exit by closing your LockBox you’d have to wait to make back your ROI and than wait a bit longer after that to earn a profit. Pump and dump doesn’t work here you would lose time and exiting early you would lose maximum 16%.

5 - It really doesn’t matter if your first or last. What matters is your in.

Either you have been with us from day one or you have been with us from today. It really doesn’t matter when you jump in. In other “ROI” type dapps the person who came in on the tail end stands to lose the most. You risk losing it all if the contract drains. Here even if Onigiri Bank was dying. You’d still walk away with 84% of your initial deposit. It’s impossible for the contract to drain to 0 with active LockBox holders. The biggest risk is the rewards balance running out. And it’s impossible for you to lose more than 16%. Now if you lost your private keys, that’s a different story.

6 - Whales cannot gobble up all your funds.

Well it’s true a whale can gobble up the rewards balance but a whale cannot gobble up what’s in your LockBox. That LockBox is your fail safe. You can exit the contract at anytime with 100% of what’s in your LockBox. You lose no less than 16% of your initial deposit.

7 - Transparency.

Finally a dapp that doesn’t have some anonymous developer. You know something has to be amiss if we can’t see the DEV or know the team behind a project. Onigiri Bank is a very transparent platform. We hide nothing and share everything with the community. We even share when we take out our commissions. Why? Becuase that’s the responsible thing to do so you always know what’s going on in the project.

One more thing I wanted to add before I wrap this up.

Bonus Reason - Community.

We have a solid community of 184 members and growing. There are no toxic personalities here and the community is very open to helping one another. It’s not a cult as some may have you believe. Onigiri Bank is a community of people who are tired of the scams and want a project that secures there funds and helps them to feel safe. We are all about uplifting and helping one another.

Onigiri Bank was created to bring trust back to the crypto space. There are too many projects out here that are simply scamming the good people and giving dapps and crypto a very bad name. That’s the nature of the whole environment.

However, here at Onigiri Bank we aim to make this space fun again. Earning ETH, playing games and talking about crypto in a positive light.

Let’s have fun, let’s enjoy what we have. Let’s keep pushing for greatness and rise above the scams and all the toxicity that’s out there. We are better than that. We are Ongiri Bank.


Will you join us? I open the invitation to you.

Activate your LockBox Today

Note: set up Metamask first before you join and have ETH ready, you can convert Alts to eth on the platform.

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