ETH Breaks Out!

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Hi Friends,

Wow, Ethereum is really breaking out today, and has been on an epic run over the last year:


ETH is leaving Bitcoin in the dust right now, and its easy to see why. Defi is changing the game and is the new place people are headed for the speculative crypto investing. BNB is also doing well, and I had been expecting ETH to lag a bit compared to BNB given the high fees, but perhaps ETH is turning into the place for bigger investors who are looking for exclusivity while many retail entrants will be coming on to the Binance Smart Chain instead - maybe ETH is the Mercedes and BNB is the Honda?

Regardless, its good to see Ethereum on a big run, and the hope of many for ETH to hit $10,000 looks more realistic than ever before the next bear market.

Good luck!


a sharp change since the beginning of 2021, it can be seen from the graph starting at 900 which is now over 3000 in May

Good analysis!

The fluctuations can be seen. Therefore, one should buy at the right time.

Agreed… it’s all about the timing!

Absolutely insane, so glad I have a nice amount of ETH. haha

Nice! 😎😎